Jan 25, 2008

Child Is A Bless

Yesterday, one of my nieces asked whether I would like to have another kid or not. Without much hesitation, I said YES. At least 2. Maximum is another 4. My husband asked me the same question about 3 years ago when I was 1st time in the labor room after a tiring delivery process. I was still on the bed and on my left side was Mastura.

"Nak anak lagi tak?," he asked.

"Nak!!!" I answered. Phew..! I forgot about the labor pain when I saw her chubby face.

A last year question when conceiving Syafiah...

"Abang ni nak berapa anak sebenarnya?"

"Ikut kemampuan By le. Kalo tak keberatan 7 boleh ke?" he asked me back.

"Insya Allah tapi kalo tak larat 5 je la ye," I tickled.

That's the deal. 5 or 7 kids. I forgot about the labor pain when I saw babies, when I grabbed them into my arms. Of course I felt the pain of delivering all of my kids. Perhaps I treat the pain as a gift, the baby as a bless from the God.

My target to stop conceiving is around mid of 30-40 so that I can concentrate on raising up my kids. I hope I won't be that old to see they go to school, experiencing hormone changes, go to college/university, get married and deliver me my grandson/granddaughter. What a long imagination!

Sometimes I feel how much time I've wasted in my teenage years. How good it was if I get married earlier. But back to 'Jodoh' thing, I'm so grateful that Allah s.w.t. has destined me with my understanding and loving - Abang. Hope that he'll remain good as he always do and we'll happy together forever, ameeenn.

I feel pity to the family of the missing kid - Sharlinie. Hopefully she'll be okay wherever she is and may Allah keeps her alive and watches her all the time, insyaAllah.

(By the way, we've taken back our children from kampung on 23/01/08 as we've been missing them a lot since the delivery of Syafiah. I couldn't left them there any longer because I feel so incomplete and lonely)

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