Dec 19, 2008

Latest progress on Syafiah

We still couldn't bring Syafiah home today. There's another one session for her antibiotic. This time it's kinda a weird, the longest stay in HSB whereabout 11 days (including one tomorrow).

Sorry, dear Cik Syafiah... mommy couldn't make it until tomorrow. Mommy have a backache, headache, fever and not to forget diarrhea today! And you seemed to know that I was around, everytime I wasn't near, you'd make a pamper sound. What a sleepless night! Until one of our neighbours came to see what's going on with you. Kenapa tak berhenti berbunyi. Everytime I hugged you, you'd later sleep soundly. Oh my dear baby! Manje eikk... Dah 4 jiran kita yang kata Syafiah anak manja ibu.

Everytime I didn't stay there at night, Husna (niece), Anis (niece), kak Bib (sister) and even hubby will replace my position. But everytime they took care of her, she would just stay calm and silent. Maybe she wanted to tell me something who knows!

I know what you did....

Poor lil girl.. everytime she wanted to sleep, she would sleep on my chest and lap:

Photos of 18 December 2008:

Mana Pak Aboo tu? Saya nak tengok dia ni....

Photo of today after stitches opening. Mind you... you've to be there to hold your baby and there's no sedative for her during that time. Get prepare yourself mentally:

Tomorrow it's confirmed that we can bring her home. I will miss this lil active boy - Tee Hock Wei (same gang):

His mother is a Vietnamese who got married to a Chinese. Lives in KS. Has been staying in HSB for almost a month. Would only be back home after a week or two. His proximal system before has been blocked by debris. Everytime he felt the pressure, he'd cry all night long until the dr decided to sedate him. And later, there's a bulging on right side of his head.

I shall put photos of Sridar Rao & another new kid on the block who is facing shunt placement only after 10-month-old. Only much worse for Sridar Rao as he is a hydrocephalic with spina bifida.


Aboo said...

Alaaahai...Sorry, Mi No Spik Inglish la...Hahahha!Mak cirit la pulakk!Huhu...

Woooww...Jelasnya jatihan sembat kat kepala tuuu..Nasib tak keliling ehhh?Kalau tak macam frankenstein laa...huhu!

Syafiah tetap ayuuuu,manis dan cunnn!Woooowww...

Lagu blues string putus utk Syafiahhhh...Copy Paste je lah link bawah tuuu!huhu..


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed you can come home tomorrow.

@LiYaNNuaR said...

aduhaiii... sgt syahdu melihat keadaan adik ini...

Dianne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (via Violet's). Your little one is manis sekali!!!
(Saya bisa mengerti banyak bahasa Malay karena suami saya orang Indonesia jadi saya bisa berbahasa Indonesia)...
I hppe that she is already home from hospital. I will add you to my blog roll and keep my eye on her progress.

suealeen said...

then don't spik. kami selalu sebut jahitan tu karipap. macam² jenis plak tu.

suealeen said...

so unfortunate that it was delayed again for 2 days eventhough her general condition is good. we discharged yesterday!

suealeen said...

syahdu yang macamana tu?

btw, thank you for dropping by.

suealeen said...

thanks for addition in your blog. will visit your blog from time to time too.

i'm surprised and excited that you can understand malay. that's sound good!

mirah said...

salam suealeen, salam perkenalan.
Just read ur story, linked by lyna. I've a 29 wks premie baby too, and read at a glance ur stories really touched my heart. I just wanted to know it more. May syafiah get better soon. InsyaAllah..

suealeen said...

salam perkenalan. insyaAllah saya ceritakan lagi as time goes by. maybe kalo ada request untuk special entry insyaAllah saya buat... :D

as i always say, dia sihat selalu. yang tak sihat tu shunt dia.


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