Jan 14, 2009

It's her first Masihi birthday...

Today is Syafiah's 1st Masihi birthday.


This morning she went to HSB for her OT (occupational therapy). She doesn’t like to grab or hold things around her unless they are our fingers. We would buy more small toys. Perhaps I will bind her hands with the toys to encourage her sense to hold.

We learnt new therapies to strengthen her back bone and neck too.

I feel like I want to go back to school again like old time. This time, it should be physiotherapy. Later on if I’ve finished it, I might open a physiotherapy centre to help my child and at the same time to assist others in need. What a dream (that I wish can come true!)....

Syafiah and my mom (a Sunday morning in Bahau - 110109)


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday!

I remember wanting to do the same either physio or Occupational therapy, cos the cost was so high wanted to study it myself for Violet and then to help others.

azura said...

waa...birthday syafiah hari ni..happy birthday! :-)

nnti auntie bw small toys tuk syafiah k :-)

hope to see u soon :-*

mirah said...

selamat hari lahir syafiah!
Moga sentiasa sihat ceria..
Menjadi anak penyejuk hati ayah ibu..

suealeen said...

How I wish it can become true!

suealeen said...

datang la ye... ari tu jugak akak start ikat tangan dia dengan toys. dan boleh nampak perkembangan menarik.

suealeen said...

syafiah sendiri bermaksud penawar. bila bayangkan wajahnya, sungguh, sungguh dia adalah penawar.


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