Apr 20, 2009

A hectic journey...

Be physically and mentally prepared. You might need a booster. These pictures were taken from Syafiah's appointment cards, 3 cards to be exact within 1 1/2 years period. Except for surgeries and 77 days being warded in NICU, I haven't counted the number she went to HSB for appointments. It demands a lot of efforts, sacrifice and energy.

Just look at the 'bear'. A masterpiece by either Adam or Mastura

There are 4 more appointments after 24/03/09. They are occupational therapies on 07/04/09 and 27/04/09. Another neuro appointment is scheduled on 07/07/09, plus her jab appointment on 25/04/09 (DEMC's appointment card is different).

In the cards you can also see some of unknown remarks such as STO (stitches to open) & TCA (I'm not sure of this term). We're lucky that Syafiah is a healthy girl, where she never admitted in the ward as a medical patient (lung infection or high fever), or else the list will be even longer. Hydrocephalics might have seizures and I pray God won't choose her to be one of them. So far, alhamdulillah, there's no signs (this is what I'm afraid of). My heart felt for Sarah and Violet, read Violet's recent story.

Eventhough it's just begin, it's indeed a roller coaster ride and hectic journey! And I'm grateful to be one of the chosen ones.

p/s : Thank you, Mr. Hubby. Without his endless support, I can't imagine how is it like to go through this process. He attended most of the appointments with Syafiah, whilst as I need to take care of Adam and Mastura (she's a preschooler). Most of the appointment scheduled in the morning. Mastura needs to attend to school and I've to wait for her to return at home. We've to juggle and timely organized. And indeed, we've to be fair to each kid.

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