Apr 10, 2009


Tangan kanan tu tak lepas dari mulut, walau pun tangan kiri sebok dengan permainan

Tengah terapi pun dia boleh lena (ZZZ during therapy)

No... those photos were not taken during the latest therapy session which was on Tuesday, 7 April 2009. I just want to show how is it like to be in the room. She needs to attend to her therapies fortnightly. We've to pay RM5/session only.

On the same day, she attended another appointment with neurologist - Mr. Huang. Her skull should be intact when she reachs her 2nd birthday. Her skull shape is not weird but it's not completely round like the other two kids. Plus a bit bigger too in compare with her body (due to the late shunt placement which was when she's 6 months old). I'm waiting fo her body to be balanced with the head, thus she could sit properly. We'll meet neuro again after 3 months.

She is active and loves to play (especially after bath) with less sleep during the day.

p/s : I'm trying to update 'At a glance'... perhaps it'll take longer time..


intan mama ammar said...

How about her speech dev? Syafiah cakap apa sekarang? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

Selamat hari lahir terlewat ucap untuk Syafiah ..
..lambat wish tak per kan.. janji ingat.. hehehe

dia dah pandai bercakap ker.. mesti bijak macam mak dia.

Cik Ketumbar

Jiey^Mien said...

Oh Cik Syafiah comel.. Berkenan sungguh Auntie tgk kulit putih gebu kamu.. =)

suealeen said...

aku rasa bunyinya macam sama je lebih kurang macam budak seangkatan. that video of ammar.. aku dengar bunyinya sama je camtu.. ada rakam.. cuma aku tak reti nak upload.. hehehe

suealeen said...

Cik Ketumbar:
bijak mende.. show off je tu.. hehehe

suealeen said...

akak pun geram dengan kulit dia.. selalu kena gigit dengan mak dia ni..


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