Jul 31, 2009

Earthlite full round bolster

This stimulation product called bolster. It helped Syafiah to lift up a bit of her head in previous therapy session. The therapist suggested us to have one by getting one, which I believe that it would be a bit difficult for us or they suggested us to get 3 biscuit tins. Tie them together and cover them with soft but thick sponge.

During her first therapy session last year.

Or perhaps anyone who knows where we could get it in Malaysia (or anywhere in the world), you are welcome to inform us. Secondhand included. I hope I can get it with reasonable price.

p.s. : Sarah @ Nurul @ Mama-Miya, if you ever read this... perhaps it's a bit easier to get it in Australia. Any suggestion?


Lightnur said...

Assalamualaikum Suealeen

Insha Allah, I will get the info from Muja's physio. Muja used to do physiotherapy with it to help control her head up. Get to you soon.


Mommy Lyna said...

good for syafiah!

Sarah said...

Suealeen, Violet enjoyed this aswell.

I will see if I can find somewhere to get them over here is Oz.

Zuhaini said...

oh.. saya x tau leh apat kat ne.. cute la bantal peluk nih.. ;)

Noina said...

Kak Sue..ina tau dapat kat ner..Kak Sue gi kedai maycare..kat Shah Alam..Sebelah highway Federal.. Bangunan Pusat perniagaan world wide..leh check kat website ni.. http://www.maycare.com.my

nadnye said...

tak pernah nampak lagi... harap mudah dan murah nak dapat...
bagus syafiah dah ada improvement...

mirah said...

k sue, kalau try tanya hospital blh mereka belikan ke tak, tak boleh ke? Manalah tahu blh dapat harga ok kan...

suealeen said...

Wsalam Sis Nurul..
Thanks for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it. Kiss Muja for both of us.

Mommy Lyna:
Yes, it’s good for her.

Thank you for finding it for us too.

Bolster ni sesuai gak kot untuk orang dewasa.. hehehe..

Wahhh.. dekat dengan tempat kerja cik abangku tu. Thanks yerrr.. nanti makcik nak rekki.

Dapat mungkin boleh tapi harga murah belum tentu.

Hospital yang soh ikat 3 tin biskut tu? Ermm..

mirah said...

Oh..kalau kat serdang ni, diaorg blh tlg. Ada kes sblm ni patient tu nak kena beli alat sedut kahak, dia ckp blh tlg. Maybe tgk hosp kot..

suealeen said...

Sedut kahak tu bukan stimulator, mirah. Kat HSB pun dia orang bleh tolong belikan. Alat perangsang deria ni kita kena cari sendiri.


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