Jan 26, 2010

Longggggg silence...

It's been so long that I didn't write anything in this blog. My HDD has collapsed completely! Need to change it, as well as with the RAM. And not to mention, the RM! *lol*.

I've so much to tell, be it my daily life or few info on health awareness. To friends who have been looking for me, I'm honored. I feel so blessed for having friends like all of you. Honestly, I miss blogging, RH (a forum), facebook-ing and chit-chatting with online friends. However, I'm so occupied with my daily life. Thus, it caused me to set aside my hobbies and adapt myself with new routine. Time flies very fast too.

I've few Syafiah's new photos in my sister's PC. Unfortunately, there's none in my own hand phone that I used to take the photos. Ironic! And another ironic thing is, I haven't taken any chance to stop by at the CC (cyber cafe) that is happened to be on the way I bring my son to his school by bicycle everyday! The reason is - I don't ask for my husband's permission (isteri solehah la konon!).

Syafiah's left foot AFO (ankle foot orthesis/orthoses) (leg braces). She wore it for the 1st time on January 12, 2010. She also got her brand new HO for her left hand on the same day. Recently, she got her 24-months jab and her current weight is 8.9 kg. She loves to eat bread and other wheat based meal instead of rice porridge/cereal. She's fit and active. She has also celebrated her 1st year shunt anniversary recently. Alhamdulillah.

Latest look of Adam during a sermon in a mosque in our area.

And yes, I still cycling even though I've mentioned that I might just wanted to do so for the 1st week of school session. I get used to it. At the same time, I haven't exercised much before. So I take the chance. Yep, my hands have burned a bit *lol* but I love to do it! I believe it would be the best moment with Adam. So retro, huh?

Anyway, I'm so sorry that I couldn't visit friends' blogs and couldn't attend to each comment at this moment. Time constraint. Thanks to all. Thanks to Sarah who was so thoughtful to nominate this blog for a Lemonade Award too. Sarah, I'm thinking of you and Violet. xoxo.

Miss you guys a lot!


Aidi-Safuan said...

huhu..busy nampak

saSha a.K.a MumYalya said...

sis..welkam back :-)

sue79 said...

welcome back.. :)

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

wah lama tak dgr khabar...tertanye2 la mana pegi dia..

welcome back..

Naimatul Hafizah Nor Rodin said...

baru nampak....fiza dah join skrg!

mirah said...

lamanya tak dengar khabar syafiah and k sue of course..

update lah lagi nanti ya..

Sarah said...

Great to have you back blogging!

fisa othman said...

at lasttttttttttttttt....;)
hehehee welcome back dear...

suealeen said...

Busy sebab anak dah masuk sekolah. So rindu pada social networking tu sikit kureng.

saSha a.K.a MumYalya:
Thanks. Tapi still takleh online selalu.


Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya:
HDD tu entah bila nak baiki. Tu sebab takleh online selalu.

Naimatul Hafizah Nor Rodin:
Akak sempat baca entry kat blog Fiza semalam. :)

InsyaAllah akan update. Takleh tinggal blog ni lelama. Cuma masa terhad.

Thank you! xoxo. Missed Violet's story recently. Hope she is in great shape.

fisa othman:
Update berita sket pun jadilah. Sian kengkawan.

KELLY910 said...

rindu sangat kat sis..
risau pun ada juga.. tapi sekarang dah lega sikit.. bila kelly dapat tau cuma HDD je yang sakit..:) jgn 'cuti' lama2 sangat ye sis.. send my hug n kisses 4 mastura, adam, syafiah.. and of course 4 u too..

ApasH said...

kak sue, welcome back...lama menunggu ur latest update..

Dayah said...

kaksue..apa la yang sibok sgt tuuu....jgn hilang lama-lama

Anonymous said...

ohh patut la dah lama tak nampak...paham paham!

ok take care ye..


Lady of Leisure said...

welcome back kak sue..
glad to see u here..

suealeen said...

Tu la pasal. Rindu kat semua orang jugak. Mesti ada hikmah HDD tu sakit kan...

Lame ye tunggu... sian kat kengkawan kan...

Bz jugak, Dayah. Nak² lagi anak dah masuk sekolah walo pun takat sekolah tadika. Sorang sebelah pagi, sorang sebelah petang.

Kak KC:
Nape... akak cari jugak eik? Sonoknye bila ramai orang cari ni. :P

Lady of Leisure:
Glad to see you here too!

suealeen said...

To Anonymous:
Thank you!!


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