Dec 16, 2008

An inspiring proof and final decision

I have to thank you people as you keep visiting this blog until it's defeating the number of surfers for my main blog! And some of you have put this blog into their bloglists too! Many many thanks especially to a brother - Aboo (cehhh... macam artis buat ucapan la pulak kan... perahsantan!).

One of them is Sarah, Violet's mom all the way from Australia. Please forgive me for my broken English... hukhukhuk!

Ok.. let me share you one of my precious experiences in my entire life that happened to me today. I met the following mother and son at the ENT clinic for Syafiah's ORL, some kind of discussion with the specialist about her hearing thingy. She's just fine. No more ORL, only left the audiology for monitoring. I'm not sure how they classify the hearing level but she could listen very well to the sound especially on her right ear:

Mother with a hydrocephalic 23-year-old son. Planted since 3 month-old. Twice revisions on the age of 5 year-old & 18 year-old.

I saw his reservoir by myself. And I guess he's one of the miracles that I want to see by my very own eyes. An inspiring proof that a hydrocephalic can walk, can talk, can read, can hear, can see, can communicate with the people just like anybody else. He was there because he has a hearing trouble specifically on his right ear. He wears an auditory aid. He's studying at a private school for OKU (special school).

His mother told me that she never sent him to any therapies but she did it all by herself and family in her own yard. And he managed to walk at the age of 2! She kept saying that Syafiah's head is smaller than he was when he's small and everything will turn out just alright.

Such a pleasure to meet the real person and to hear from the experienced parents and the recipient of VP shunt about their life stories. At the end of the conversation, I saved her handphone number and I snapped their picture.

The CT scan was done again yesterday. I was there to hold her hands when the machine was doing its scanning. The result - everything is ok but the neuro team doesn't want to discharge her very soon. It is probably because of the switching position of the shunt. Both sides of her head are 'injured'.

She vomited few times. From the explanation, it is most likely because she's still adapting herself to the new shunt.

I got this survey 2 days ago. I couldn't fill up some of the sections. For example under the Emergency Unit, as we've never been there before. We just went straight away to the clinic/7C (the ward) for admission. VIP service anyone?

Got this goodies from Selangor Religious Department (JAIS). If you stay longer, you'll receive more goodies as a part of social activities by Government body or private companies. I've received the 1st one from JAKIM in June.

I'm now at home. Syafiah is with my two nieces right now. I'll join them only during the day as it is tiring to stay in the ward all day long. I feel 'hot', seems I will get a fever any time soon. Office keeps calling me asking me when I will go to work. So, I sent them her pic with the stitches. Why on earth don't you pay us a visit? Not even asking about my daughter! From office to HSB is not that far. Only 10 mins drive. Even a Ch***** manager of hubby's co came to visit Syafiah on Sunday noon whilst actually she was off the whole week before. Frankly, I'm a bit upset!

The bad treat comes to an end. Finally, I've made a solid decision by tendering my resignation effectively today! Remember the Oprah Winfrey Show I have told you earlier? "Focus on your strength". Be brave to leave something you don't really up to do. Don't ever try to please someone else. Do something at your interest. I don't care about the money (though the pay is good!).

Finally! I just feel so free and relief, I can concentrate on raising up my children.. I can do any freelance work. I can do anything I want... or the very least I can go back to a very dangerous job in Malaysia. Can even be caught up.. A BLOGGER... hohoho!


Anonymous said...

Hope the vomiting settles soon as the shunt gets in sync with it all and you can all go home soon. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't feel you have to write it in english!

suealeen said...

i really really hope so. but seems both cousins love to be in the hospital... :D.

nice to see you here. thanks for keep dropping by. anyway, it's such a pleasure to polish back my english.

still keep 'rojaking' (mixing) both languages. :P

Intan said...

Vengongs nya co hang. Tau tanya bila mau masuk kirja saja. Elok la tu hang tender.

Eh, ko buat bisnes apa dah. share la sikit..

Syafiah kat mana la ni? dah balik rumah yer?

suealeen said...

syafiah belum balik lagi...

aku ingat nak jadi usahawan tani/ternak la.. apa macam?


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