Dec 16, 2008

Latest photos (I've become an avatar!)

Though I've put this photo in previous entry, I put again in this entry as I love to see her face when this photo was taken. She looks like an avatar. Only she doesn't have the arrow sign on her head!

This is the previous shunt position planted on 29 October 2008.

Current position on her left side (medium pressure).

What a style!

Photo when we played together yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sarah from Violet's Journey, came across your great blog and feel very honoured you have Violet on here, thanks!

Hope your little one is going okay after the recent shunt surgery, thinking of you!

Just out of interest can I view your blog in English too?

and if you don't mind, can I put a link on our blog to yours?

miesha said...

Semoga syafiah di dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera kehendakNya disamping keluarga tersayang.

Aboo said...


Kuat tido lu nihhh...!huhuhu...


Aboo said...

Opss...Sarah pun ada! Woooww...Great! hhahaa...Chehhh, macam kenai...huhuhu

Sis Sue...Ajorkan BM (slang perok) kat minah Saleh tuuu..Hahhaha!


suealeen said...

you make me humble. it's not a great blog but just a little social contribution towards the society. just like you, if it can help a person, then it would be an honor to me.

she's doing great.. alhamdulillah... and thanks for the link!

suealeen said...

thanks and thanks for dropping by!

suealeen said...

dah itu je time aku suka ambik gambo dia.. hukhukhuk...

memang kenal pun.. kenal kat alam maya.

she has a daughter with hydrocephalus and microphthalmia. violet is her daughter's name. and actually i put her link in collection of amazing stories.

pi la singgah blog dia. violet can walk now and that looks so great!


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