Jan 1, 2009

A quick update...

Update on Syafiah:

1. After going back to hometown recently, she vomited again. Eventhough, it's not critical but very alarming. I noticed it would stop after 2 days and yes, it has stopped today!

Two teeth came out when we experienced this for the first time. I checked and the gum is hard and perhaps it (@ they) will come out after a week or two.

2. There's an opening at one of her sutures. The wound is infected. Her dad brought her to DEMC this afternoon and the MO prescribed her with Fucidin, an ointment to stop the pus.

Fucidin ointment is indicated for the treatment of skin infections caused by staphylococci, streptococci, Coryne-bacterium minutissimum, and other organisms sensitive to sodium fusidate. The most important indications being - impetigo, boils (gosh... got one right now!), carbuncles, paronychia, infected wounds (this is what happened to her), Sycosis barbae, Hidradenitis, Erythrasma, Folliculitis.

In fact, she's quite 'lasak'. Maybe it's one of many reasons.

3. Shunt is functioning well. Hope it'll last long.

4. Now, when she's happy, she will giggle a lot. I'm so happy to see this. There's a picture taken recently when she did that but I shall update it later! Well, blame it on my hp... :P. She doesn't want to co-operate!

5. I've a resolution for her this new year... I hope that she'll be able to walk by end of 2009. That's all... ibu tak letak harapan tinggi, nak. If God wills, you can walk within seconds, then it'll be... Allah swt knows the best for you and the best for us. Puas ibu tengok Syafiah semasa bayi.

With your sister and brother, I could feel that the time flies very fast!! They've grown up. I can still remember vividly in my mind when they were small. Ibu bersyukur sangat² kerana dipilih oleh Allah swt untuk melalui perkembangan anak yang berbeza-beza, alhamdulillah.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that one of her sutures are infected, really hope it clears and you don't have to go back into to hospital.

Aboo said...

Sis Sue!

Wowww...Mi don spik english! Hau de yuuu...Huhuhu!

Untung kalau ibu2 kat M'sia ada peel lu nihhh..Huhuhu!

Ops...Sebetonya,umur Syafiah ni bape?11bulan kaa...9bulan kaaa...?!


suealeen said...

i hope so... looks terrible to me!

suealeen said...

apesal untung plak? pe'el yang camne tu?

premature babies do have a term called corrected age. yang 11 tu hari dia lahir. yang 9 tu corrected age. jadi mana² perkembangan doktor akan refer pada corrected age bukannya hari dia lahir yang sebenar.

ada ngerti? cepat²... cedok info lagi....

Hazlina said...

Dear Sue,

browsing through your block linked from my good friend Fajar...I definetely feel that you have medical background after searching all about
you darlings condition (or are you really a doctor). I know exactly how you feel as my darling daughter was born with a condition called congenital hypothyroid(not serius physically but dangerous if not treated). There were cases where I have argued a lot with doctors on her condition and also the method of treatment she was give...Hubby used to call me 'Doc Mom'.Alhamdullilah wwith treatment she is fine and has abilities of her age not on the brilliant side but I very happy with her achievements. The key point is never give up and try all teaching methods you can think of. My Ain and her brother was thought the Glenn Doman method of reading and counting.Alhmadullilah she is able to read and count at the age of 4 and still loves to at her age of 8 now. Although her level of learning is at the lower side but it doen not matter as the most important thing is life is to enjoy the jpoy of learning. Achievement is just an added bonus.

InsyaAllah Syafiah will be among the intelligent ones in her own way and her own pace.

suealeen said...

oh saya tak de medical bg just sebab suka membaca dan bertanya tu menyebabkan saya didedahkan dengan segala macam istilah perubatan yang berkaitan. dah nama pun anak sendiri... kalo apa² hal jadi nanti senang nak tahu apa puncanya.

mana saya boleh dapatkan buku Glenn Doman tu?

anyway thanks for dropping by!


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