Mar 9, 2009

After 5 weeks of silent mode!

This is a quick update after 5 weeks of silent mode.

Thank God, everything is fine. The kids are all alright. The only not fine to us is the LESS time to blog, which I really miss so much! Most of the time, I'm busy with the home stuff and playing game such as The Sims during my past time. Not to forget, I seldom miss the opportunity to watch the Oprah Winfrey Show. I shall find the 2 books she suggested us to read - Mother Warriors (Jenny McCarthy) and Just Who Will You Be? (Maria Shriver). These books are really catchy, at least, to me.

On Syafiah:-

1. She went to check for her ears the other weeks. Thank God, the left side has cleared too. Now, she no need to go for an audiology appointment anymore.

2. She's currently has a bad cough and running nose. But fortunately she doesn't have a fever. Not to forget, she doesn't vomit continuously anymore.

3. She already has 6 teethes. 4 out of 6 came out at the same time. She felt uncomfortable during the time they came out. I can't imagine how she gets through it. We feel uneasy for one in a time. But how about 4?

4. Last week on Tuesday, we got a special parcel from Korea. To be specific, it was from Maya (Sis Rina's daughter. Thanks to both of them!). You can see what were inside the box by looking at the pictures below:-

Cute huh?

5. We still need to go for a neuro appointment this month and a Cyclo RA (eye) appointment in May. The eyes are fine except for the nerves. This analysis is important to know the condition and the details of her eyes. The therapies were and still on going for twice a month. I hope that she'll gain weight faster as I can't wait the moment the head and the body will be balanced, thus she can move her body actively.

Miss you guys... and I hope I can update this blog as frequent as before. Well... as the time goes by, something need to be sacrificed and left behind. Please pray... that I'll be back for good! :D


Jiey^Mien said...

Doa.. Doa.. Doa.. Aminn...

Rindu Syafiah! Good to hear good news.. *kiss*kiss*kiss*

Sarah said...

So glad to see an entry from you! The latest photos are beautiful of Syafiah looks really well.

Hope her Neuro appt goes well later this month.

PrinCeSS said...

time beli topi tu, x banyak choice.
hope she likes it..^^

wish everything goes well..

mirah said...

salam k sue, glad to know that everythings were fine. Oh syafiah nmpak comel dgn topi itu..


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