Jan 31, 2009

12-month vaccine and a pink rocking chair story...

She's waiting for her turn. Kenapa la anak mak selalu posing camni?

Today we went to DEMC fo her meassles, mumps and rubella jab. As the time we arrived, a lot of people, I mean really a lot, were waiting for their turns. The number at that particular moment was 01107, whilst ours 01117. It's Saturday, anwyay.

The crowd. Dah cecah tahap spital gomen camni.

Look at her eyes. She's so sleepy!

I can still remember when we have the 1st kid - Mastura. The medical centre was not like this, I would say, it was relax. Still a lot of people and there'll be spaces for you to sit. But now, it's quite cramped! No seat eventhough it's just 10 am. I wonder when they will move to their own independent building as planned. Good thing about current area - nearby a shopping mall and shoplots!

While waiting, we decided to have our breakfast at a nearby new cafe - Eza@Cafe. I can consider Shah Alam is one of the expensive towns in Malaysia. Not just for this particular cafe but others too (except it'll be slightly cheaper at few sections where there're many students). Other than that, I found out that it is the most calmniest and coziest town I've ever been stayed. I'm eyeing to stay there one fine day.

Not to forget major spot for aedes to breed too. People always misunderstanding that they are breeding in abandoned water spot. In fact they are not, they just breed in crystal clear water!.

Back to Syafiah. Beside the jab, we asked the paed to circumcise her. She cried for a while. I asked Dr. RI a lot, not that detail as there were so many people waiting outside. She was proud of her development so far. She said, "Macamana dengan mata dia? Nampak macam dia fokus je...". Really? I noticed that Syafiah likes to show her skills only to some people especially to the specialists.

Anyway, we've a good rapport with her since the born of our 1st kid. She's just like a family paed and I know a bit about her, like where she's staying, how many kids she has, to whom she's married bla bla bla... I sent card, she replied. That sort of relationship. She even personally contacted her best friend, a neurologist in HKL, before Syafiah was implanted with the shunt in HSB.

Well, there's something happened. A miscommunication between us and HSB before the surgery. The flow has been disconnected between patient and hospital. They haven't scheduled any appointment after discharging, either with neuro or paed clinic. The only clinic we went at that particular moment was the eye clinic. So, she was really concerned on Syafiah's condition, thus she called her friend asking for help. I don't blame HSB as they were changing and adjusting to new system around February and March from hardcopy to softcopy. From paper to online (paperless). They might overlooked at her case.

So, after the session with Dr. RI, we went to Jusco for shopping. We aimed to get a rocking chair for Syafiah. It's always interesting and tempting to be in the kids/babies area. It's just like you want to buy most of the items.

From rocking chair to walker, to stroller, to baby chair.. oh.. they're so tempting! Finally we bought what we're looking for, still a rocking chair. Besides, bolsters, pillow, socks, FM and baby biscuits were also joining the list.

It has not always be the same, unintentionally. Maybe for most of a first time mother/father, you might get very excited to buy things for your first baby, but not for us. We just bought things for reason, I mean big things. Not that I don't care or unfair but it's rather unnecessary to buy those things when you won't use it for long or for a particular purpose, right?

During Mastura time, we just bought her a buggy. Later when we've Adam, my company gave him a carseat and stroller as I asked for them! And now for Syafiah, we've to buy extra things - the cot and the latest - rocking chair! We've never intended to buy a walker for other kids, but we'll consider to buy one in future to help Syafiah in balancing and building up her muscles.

What next to help her? I bet there'll be more items! Oh not to mention about her FM, it's the most expensive brands too!.

The 1st time. We supported her head with bolsters.

She didn't really care...

She started to touch the toy. Pat on it and held it..

Excited face.. (look at her AF)..

Now.. really, really excited...

We pulled out the bolsters. She kept stroking the toys with her right hand.

I really love this cheeky looked eventhough the image is a bit blur.

Finally... she smiled and giggled...

I didn't shoot the photo when she was eating just now, eating like never before. And now after finishing her milk, she already fell asleep on that rocking chair *sigh*!


lyna said...

akak bole tak amik gamba rocking chair tu dari jauh sikit, xbole imagine cemana rupanya close up cemtu. hehehe.

TQ kak!

syafiah... makin comel la awak!

Jiey^Mien said...

Bagus la Syafiah ni.. I bet she's a very hardworking girl..

Ian ni taktau camne nak buat.. Br nk start exercise sket dah menjerit taknak.. Membebel.. Kalau paksa gak, meraung.. Kalau letak kat rocker dia pun still senget2 lagi.. Geram betul. Dia taknak cooperate la.. Ada idea tak kak?

mirah said...

Comelnya dia...
Syafiah nampak sihat je tuh, moga shunt yg baru ni bertahan lah kan..

Hihi nak mencelah. Jiey, jgn paksa-paksa sgt Ian yea, bagi lah dia peluang. Sometimes, kalau kita put high expectation nnt dia rasa susah. Lagi dia refuse nak buat. Sesekali bagilah dia masa main apa yang dia suka, tak pun bagi dia masa explore himself. Observe dlm seminggu dua ke, then baru ajar yg lain.
Sekadar pandangan, kalau tak relevent, abaikan lah yea..

mak ngah said...

hehehe...best nya tgk syafiah dah sihat...montok lengan dia..sure dia dah makan pejal...bg nasi n sayur yg diblender...mcm una kecik dulu.

lagi baik dr nestum sbb dia dah setahun kan...

Intan mama ammar said...

Aikkk! Sorry aku byk miss blog syafiah, asik rss yg blog ibunya saja. Happy belated birthday to Syafiah. XOXO!

Pnut said...

eheh baby is always baby, Alesya pun suka bebeno masuk jari gitu, dan hisap/jolok sampai uwek nak muntah... sungguh comel syafiah berposing begitu..

Jiey^Mien said...

Salam kak,

Lama menyepi?? Hopefully semua ok..

Sarah said...

Suealeen, How is she going at the moment, shunt still all ok??

Have been thinking of you.


mirah said...

Salam k sue, lamanya tak dengar update syafiah. Harap syafiah baik-baik saja tu..

Dianne said...

She's so very cute!!!

I hate waiting around in waiting rooms though. It's such a frustrating waste of time!

She looks like shes doing very well!

Asz said...

salam kenal

suka tgk syafiah ... she's a happy & gojes lil girl, unlike yg sya pernah tgk sblm2 ni.

i have no knowledge about hydrochepalus sampailah sya berumahtangga kat spital for more than a year ... mcm2 kes sya tgk and it was all b'coz my lil ammar.

i know how u felt, esp bila syafiah kat nicu, and to take care of this precious children is no joke ... kita kena kuat (mental & fizikal) dan sabar.


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