May 18, 2009

Anak rusa nani, baru kembang ekor

Anak rusa nani, baru kembang ekor
Apa salah kami, lalu tidak tegur?

My name is Syafiah. Syafiah only.. no more, no less. My parents don't prefer to put 2 or 3 names as for them, it is easier to call us by one name. Mom always say 1 simple name is better. Simpe to pronounce, as it has meaning, so that the meaning will be a prayer. Ibu and ayah are so fussy about the makhraj too, especially ayah as he's from a religious school. That's why, ibu and ayah live a simple life because they would like everything about their lives to be simple. However some people especially our relatives love to call our name Tura, Tora (nasib baik bukan Dorayaki or Doraemon), Dam or Badam, and as for me - Pia or Piah or even Tapiah (sudah pendek nak pendek lagi.. sabo je la).

Mom has created this can-be-updated chart as a record and not for comparison. So that we could access to it in future. She always says that every child is a bless and unique in his/her own way. Mom also learnt to make the table from this web (you could use the generator if you want). I think mom is crazy... crazy in 'godeking' the HTML code and learns new thing. But why on earth the table is far down there? She couldn't answer... and still searching for an answer.

Ibu and ayah always keep on bullying me! Mastura is a good sister. She loves to play with me and makes me giggle. Look at my head. It's still bigger.. manyak susah lo mau kasi balance dengan badan... but I've a very good appetite now! Hope I can control it much easier.

Name of Child






The one who is being protected (yang terpelihara)

Name of the 1st prophet, role model (nama Nabi, yang menjadi teladan)

Antidote (penawar, yang memadai)

Mastura was my choice, Adam was our choice (in fact we chose to add Muhaimin to be 'Adam Muhaimin', but we dropped it the last minute we wanted to send the form to JPN), Syafiah was husband's choice






Date of Birth

12/06/2004, EDD 03/07/2004

28/12/2005, EDD 08/01/2006

14/01/2008, EDD 16/03/2008

To see and to compare the accuracy of the EDD, I haven't told the gynae of my LMP (last period) for Mastura but I did otherwise when I was conceiving Adam. They were born earlier than expected, especially Syafiah where she was born about 31 week + 1/7 day.

Delivery Time

5.05 pm on Saturday

9.07 am on Wednesday

5.05 am on Monday







Mode of Delivery

Vacuum delivery

SVD (spontaneous)

SVD (spontaneous)


Birth weight (kg)



1.65 (pramatang/premature)





46 (now 85)


Head Circumference (COH)(cm)




Syafiah COH was once measured as 52 cm, decreased to 46 cm after one of the surgeries, increased and maintained on 49 cm until now. We've to measure it frequently to be alert on the changes. Even if there's a slight change, we should consult our neurologist for further action.

Blood Group




Daddy - B+, Mommy - A+

Circumcised On


Not yet


Sabda Nabi saw yang bermaksud:" Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. katanya Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: lima perkara yang menjadi sunnah nabi-nabi iaitu berkhitan, mencukur bulu kemaluan, mencukur misai, memotong kuku dan mencabut bulu ketiak "(Riwayat Muslim). I said to my husband, if next time we got another boy, we should bring him for his circumcision as earlier as 7 days. Senang sebab dia tak ingat! Tengok pengalaman budak lelaki berkhatan dan bermasalah yang kemudiaannya di bawa ke HSB cukup membuatkan saya yang jadi serik! Ada yang ok, ada yang sampai tertendang doktor, malah ada yang kencing lagi... isk!

Progressive Weight1mo- 5.2kg
2mo- 6.4kg
3mo- 7.5kg
5mo- 8.15kg
6mo- 8.5kg
12mo- 9.2kg
14mo- 10.5kg
18mo- 10kg
24mo- 11kg
30mo- 12kg
1mo- 4.35kg
2mo- 5.4kg
3mo- 6.6kg
5mo- 8.1kg
6mo- 8.3kg
12mo- 9.6kg
14mo- 10kg
18mo- 11.1kg
24mo- 11kg
30mo- 12kg
1mo- NA (NICU, HSB)
2mo- NA (NICU, HSB)
3mo- 2.625kg
5mo- 5.3kg
6mo- 5.8kg
7mo- 6.3kg
8mo- 6.7kg
12mo- 7.4kg
15mo- 7.1kg (-0.3kg)

The last one was done on 25/04/09. Even though there's a slight decrease in her weight, Syafiah is eager to eat solid food now. 6 scoops of Nestum/4-5 table spoons of porridge per feeding about 3 times a day. Her milk has increased to 6 oz/per feeding from 4 oz/feeding 3 hourly. Why so little? Her stomach couldn't accept plenty of liquid in one time. As a result, she would vomit everytime she consumed a lot of water previouslty. Now, I could see that her behavior turns drastically that we could increase her intake gradually.


Smile - 1 month
Holds head up briefly - 2 months
Turn head to sound - 3 months
Roll over - 4-5 months
Make simple sound - 5 months
1st tooth - 5 months, 2nd 2 weeks after the 1st one. Within a year, she developed almost all the front teeth.
Play with simple object - 5 months
Sit and crawl - 6-9 months
Focus on objects - 4 months
Stand with support - 9 months
Feed herself - 6 months (suka kutip sampah dia ni)
Walk - 13 months
Talk - 2.5 years
Toilet trained - 3.5 years

Same as his sister. Only he's abled to walk on 11 months and talked a full sentence at 2 year

Smile - 3 months
Holds head up briefly - Not yet but her head control is better now. Dulu kalau tidur mesti satu side je. Sekarang dua².
Turn head to sound - 12 months
Roll over - 14 months
Make simple sound - 5-6 months
Giggle - 8 months
1st tooth - 8 months
Play with simple object - 1 year with one hand (right), now with both hands. Sometimes she loves to play with her feet. Dulu rajin tendang sebelah je, sekarang ni suka tendang dua² belah.
Hold object - she could hold object both hands but she prefers to use her right hand more. Dia juga suka hentak tangan kiri. Itu sebabnya kena letak mainan di sebelah kiri badannya.
Sit and crawl - Not yet
Focus on objects - Sometimes yes, sometimes not
Stand with support - Not yet
Feed herself - Not yet
Walk - Not yet
Talk - Not yet
Toilet trained - Not yet
Misc - she loves to suck her thumb.

Oh! Look... I played alone and with only one hand..

Now I played with both hands

Mom said that she would tell me about our birth stories in her next entry... I can't wait as I can make in as a reference. Do you want to hear her stories?

Sian ibu.. tulis macam syok sendiri je!


ibu_uwais_ameenah said...

sangat lah excited pegi psr mlm SU rabu minggu lps... best giler!!

suealeen said...

rumah akak depan padang depan pasar malam tu je :D. tapi jarang sangat akak keluar rumah untuk ke pasar malam.

knv said...

hi! tengah bloghopping..

i think you are amazing as a mom!


suealeen said...

saya ibu yang biasa² saja.. sama seperti ibu yang lain. thanks for dropping by :D

mirah said...

macam mengimbau kenangan je nih...
sometimes elok juga tulis blog ni, dapat save time nak refresh memory later on..

suealeen said...

akak nak rekodkan je. sebenarnya takde niat nak compare langsung. jika Mastura boleh buat A, dan Syafiah pun boleh buat, maknanya dah beri satu harapan pada anak istimewa di luar sana yang sama macam Syafiah juga boleh melakukan perkara yang serupa.

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