Jun 15, 2009

Award & 10 Things About Me

There's something wrong with the original title of the award. Anyhow...

The rules:

Copy badge "Blogger award friendship" below and put it in your blog:

Tell us where the badge came from @ link the giver:
This award was given by MelissAziezul, one of my new blogger friends.

Tell us 10 things about yourself:
1) I love to eat. I can eat anything that is halal. Including otak lembu @ exotic food.

2) I would sleep when I feel moody. The next thing I know when I wake up, I'll forget what's bothering me.

3) I love swimming. I learnt swimming from my late father who gave me 2 old coconuts when I was in parit. He later gave me only one, and then none at all. One of the best memories I've ever had in my life.

4) I fell in love with sewing. I didn't bother to learn about it at the very beginning. However, there's one time before Hari Raya, I didn't have much things to do. Mom asked me to sew a baju kurung. I did it and felt very good. On that particular Hari Raya I sewed 6 baju kurung for other people.

5) I'm addicted in blogging. Proof? For today up to now, there're 3 entries for this blog only. :P.

6) I like to learn new things especially about the living skills.

7) My husband and I love to explore new area. Yesterday, coincidently, we knew that Nilai 3 is attached to Bukit Mahkota. Very near indeed. The route we went is not the same route we returned.

8) Must have item in my husband's car is a map! Don't have to buy the GPS whatsoever... I'll bring compass everywhere I go too.

9) I've the uneasiness feelings in attending into crowd such as gathering with new people. Frankly, I'm a shy person... cehhh! :P

10) Husband and children are my best friends. I love playing PC games with my husband. Not only PC, in shopping mall included. I like the choice of my husband's games (that combat, poker, soldier, tembak² things la. So manly huh!) but he doesn't like my games such as The Sims. Tak reti berimaginasi katanya.

Tag @ award it to other bloggers:
1) Intan @ Mama Ammar
2) Krsty Pinky @ Mama Mawar
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5. Leave comments in the above bloggers' blogs.

* Sori kalau tag banyak kali...


Jiey^Mien said...

yeayyy dapat award lagi.. time kasih kak sue ku sayang.. =)

suealeen said...

Sama².. ambik jangan tak ambik. Jangan tak buat udah la ye.. huhu!

Intan @ mama ammar said...

thanx su, tag aku. aku simpan tag ni bila ada mood.. er, kenapa nak wat tag mesti tunggu ada mood?

suealeen said...

Intan @ mama Ammar:
Mood tak baiklah tu...


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