Jun 15, 2009

Best and A Lovely Blog Award

I got these awards from Mrs Azmar @ Mama Qaseh Nur Shafiyyah. Lovely ke? Best ke? Rasa cam tak best pun. Ni blog syok sendiri.. hehehe!

The rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Newly discovered? Ermmmm... I dun think many. Acilah kan kalo masukkan yang dah lama kenal dengan saya:

1. MelissAziezul - she is one of the silent readers who visits Syafiah's blog on regular basis. Only lately she note down something in the shoutbox.

2. Asz - she has 2 wonderful boys - Adam and Ammar. One of them - Ammar is Syafiah's friend.

3. MAMA | SARAH | SYIMIR - I was only realized that she's someone I knew recently. We have communicated in SU.net before. However her nickname is different. That's why I didn't recognize her.

4. Dianne - she lives in Aussie and she has 2 wonderful kids. One of them is BC. BC is a gorgeous boy who has Athetoid cerebral palsy.

5. Sarah - Sarah has 2 kids too. One of them is Violet who is a hydrocephalic with microphthalmia. However, she recently discovered that she has a brain tumor. She has undergone awake surgery on June 1, 2009. Sarah lives in Aussie too.

6. Dayah - northern blogger from Penang. She's indeed someone I knew recently. She has a child named Shukrina Imtiyaz age 1 year + 5 months.

7. Lightnur - she lives in Aussie. Mom to 5 children, expecting another one which is due in October including Muja who is also a patient of cerebral palsy. She has a developmental disorder - Spastic Quadriparesis, vision and hearing impairment, mild seizures and nasogastric feeding.

8. Mirah - she works in UPM and a mother to 2 wonderful girls - Aishah and Khadijah. One of them is born premature.

9. Jiey Mien - a mother to a tough fighter - Ian.

10. Hippo - she is a mother with 2 hydrocephalus daughters - Kaydine (4 yo) and Khalean (2 yo). She's a Sabahan. :D

11. Noina - Yasmin Nabila's mother. Nabila is a patient of quadriplegia cerebral palsy and global developmental delay with seizures.

12. Nanie - a mother to Anis, Mira and Iman. Iman was detected with microchephaly few months after Iman was born.

13. KNV - she has 2 kids if I'm not mistaken. One is Aimi and another one is Aisyah.

14. Azie - she was one of my friends in IPT. We're in the same course. My intake was in July, hers was in November. Even though we're in different classes yet we still could click together. She's now living in Putrajaya with her husband and her daughter - Hasya.

15. Amalina - she's now in Japan. Her daughter - Nurul Afiqah is a patient of cerebral palsy with quadriplegic spasticity and global developmental delay.


~:|:sara:|:~ said...

award yg mana 1 ang soh aku amek ni?ngee..huwa²...hehehe...

suealeen said...

Yang latest entry.. bukan yang ni.

~:|:sara:|:~ said...


Jiey^Mien said...

waahhh.. award.. yeay.. yeayy.. time kasih kak sue.. =)

suealeen said...

Sama². Suka ye? Nanti kalo ada akak bagi lagi..

Lightnur said...

Assalamu Alaikum Suealeen

Thank you for the awards. May Allah reward you with goodness.

Hidet said...

Tahniah tahniah

suealeen said...

InsyaAllah... may Allah rewards you with goodness and happiness too.



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