Oct 7, 2009

Wallpaper border vs eat out

The other day I told you that we might find the wallpaper border to match it with the paint color - Pecan Smell. So we went out 2 days in a row. The 1st day we went to Damansara. Last night we went to Shah Alam. Ended up, we didn't find what we've been looking for though there's a shop in Shah Alam that has various types of wallpapers. Instead, we found and ate at these places:

Recommended for family gathering. Choice of foods are various. Just like Kelana Seafood (how I miss you, KSC SU!). I've my pineapple fried rice + teh tarik + mango salad, husband has his seafood fried rice + chinese tea, kids have their Thai fried rice + hot milo.

Teh tarik for my husband and calamansi for me.


Mine again. I ordered wantan noodle soup.

Mine and his. He ordered mee bandung.

I recommend Pine 38 for leisure. Santai². Various types of foods - steak, sandwiches, local and even pizzas. It's a wifi area too. It's affordable and money worth as the food is served in a large quantity.

As for the borders, my husband will look for himself at Contact today. Contact is a shop in Section 9. Located nearby my first company. I called it 'kedai hutan'. Such a cramped shop with a lot of things that are sold cheap. The owner got those things straight away from the warehouse. If there isn't any, we might go back to the shop in Plaza Alam Sentral that we went last night.


fisa said...

Contact tmpat ku beli brg2 perhiasan..
hehehhe mcm2 ada...

suealeen said...

Best la kedai tu.. saya suka... bak kata kak Fisa - macam² ada!

arnamee said...


akk. beshnyer akk .

makan dan jalan-jalan.

suealeen said...

Wsalam... makan macam tak pernah kenyang². Teruk tol.

Thanks for dropping by.


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