Nov 9, 2009

Update on Syafiah and Q-dees Annual Concert


1- Here are the latest pictures taken yesterday (kindly click on it to enlarge):

2- She's currently having a fever. Occurred within these 2 days. However, she's active and nothing to worry about. Talkative like always too.

3- She went to the 1st visit of speech therapy on October 28, 2009 whereby the therapist asked us basic questions about her conditions - how she eats? Can she swallow? etc. She also said that what we do is correct, that is, stimulating her to speak by talking to her frequently. Though that she might unable to reply now, it doesn't mean she can't reply later as the babies are like sponges. They absorb everything they hear and see.

4- She loves to try new taste especially sweet taste. Recently she ate yogurt (and she liked it), kuih keria, doughnut, nuggets (she doesn't like it though), cakes, etc. I'm so happy to see this. It's such a bless. Perhaps, with 13 teeth, she's able to chew and she enjoys to use them.

Q-dees Annual Concert 2009

After many weeks of both the teachers' and children's efforts, yesterday marked another history in our life especially to our little girl, Mastura. She was having her first participation in the school annual concert. We went there with Husna, my niece, while some of the parents brought along the grandparents too. The venue was at Sekolah Seri Cahaya, one of the private primary schools in Klang Valley.

She and her classmates were performing 2 shows. The 1st one was dancing. They danced with the background of Bunyi Gitar. The 2nd show she performed as a wolf, which I think it should be better in a costume. However, looking at the time constraint and with many students to handle (5 classes with 2 shows overall), it was still enjoyable and a big successful to new performers like them. Bravo to the principal, teachers and volunteers.

There were 6 lucky draws. However, we weren't lucky enough to get the hamper.

Well, it was my another half birthday on Saturday. Still haven't found his birthday present. But I think by attending to our daughter's performance day, it should be one of the best moments and presents for not only him, but for both of us. "Dah besar kan anak kita?". Can't wait for the VCD though.


kelly910 said...

sis.. kelly suka tengok mata syafiyah.. cantik dan semoga bersinar sentiasa...
pandai mastura menari ye.. comel..

Lady of Leisure said...

wah mastura, pandai menari rupanya dia hihi...
cian syafiah demam ya.. semoga cepat sembuh.. love to see her smiling face.. feel very contented..
hugs n kisses for syafiah..

wina said...

kak sue dh sehat dari penyakit 'M' ye? ehehe

owh yes..ive worked in one of the q-dees centres & prepared for the concert as well...mmg kena 'salute' teachers & children coz it's not easy

gud to know that syafiah is growing healthily kak sue :-)

Mummy_nad said...

syafiah..the same name as my daughter
though the spelling is different
demam ye dia?? moga lekas sembuh.
i'm really happy to hear of her improvement..

semoga sihat selalu ye safiah sayang.
kak sue jugak.keep up the good work!

mirah said...

syafiah tetap looks adorable. Wah dah makan mcm2 juga ya tu.. good! good!.

suealeen said...

Dia orang ni memang matalah asset paling best, alhamdulillah.

Lady of Leisure:
Mastura ~ I'm proud of her confident to be on stage for the 1st time. Kalo akak dulu, sure dah lari.

Syafiah ~ senyumannya penawar segala duka.

Akak ~ still M lagi sebenarnya. Paksa diri.

Q-dees ~ berapa minggu dia orang prepare untuk concert ni. One good thing is they made those kids to have confident and believe in themselves.

Syafiah ~ yep. It's not easy. Besides, dia ni picky eater just like her brother. Susu.. susu.. susu...

Syafiah ~ thanks for the prayer. Sememangnya perkembangan kecil membuatkan hati ibunya kembang berbunga.

Sebenarnya dia tak dapat rentak mengunyah makanan tu dulu. Tu sebab agaknya dia resist. Sekang ni bila gigi dah banyak, jenis makanan pun kena bagi banyak supaya dia bleh cuba rasa tekstur tu dalam mulut dia. Positively, she likes it.

zali azali said...

comellll...cute, first time sampai kat blog ni...memang kena ngan title blog " amazing syafiah "

suealeen said...

zali azali:
Terima kasih sebab sudi singgah dan tinggalkan jejak. It's the journey that counts.

Christina Arissa said...

comelnyer anak-anak sue..
Adoiyai mastura...
cute sungguh..

suealeen said...

Christina Arissa:
Alhamdulillah, Aris. Semuanya kurniaan Allah.

ummikhayra said...

Salam kak suealeen,
lama tak menjengah ke sini.. :)
Suka tgk mata syafiyah... :) mendamaikan.. :) mastura belajar kat qdees ye? bagus2...

p/s: dulu saya penah keje kat qdees. learning material dalam bentuk multimedia tu, saya salah seorang dari developer... :P

suealeen said...

Maaf lambat reply. PC wat hal dari last week.

Good to know that you're a part of them who developed the learning material. Overall material dia bagus la. Baru je lepas exam sebelum cuti ari tu. Kena improve banyak.


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