Dec 12, 2009

Some of our recent activities

Last weekend, Sunday, December 06, 2009:

Attending wedding reception of husband's colleague's son at Shah Alam Gallery. Nice place to organize a wedding reception. Quiet, calm, beautiful. Nearby a lake.

Yesterday, Friday, December 11, 2009:

Wet World, Shah Alam. Only managed to snap 2 photos before my handphone was running out of battery. Other photos were shot by my sister. Adam was so tired until he fell asleep with Syafiah. Others were still in the water - Mastura, Husna (niece), Anis (niece) & Awa (sister). Husband and Aliff (nephew) when to the mosque to perform Jumaat's prayer.

On the way home, we decided to eat and buy some stuffs for dinner. Besides, we have guesses last night (the usrah thing). I planned to make this at home:

Beef lasagna. Rich in ingredients, which is good for me. Suits to my Eastern taste. Less cloy even I've added up to 250g cheddar cheese. Still left the mozarella, which I planned to make pizzas.

Our guesses arrived around 9.30pm. Last night topic was Sunnah. Love it and hoping to see them soon for other topics.

Oh, anyway we're thinking of to bring our 'kids' to Janda Baik/Fraser's Hill upcoming weekend. Some might get bored over these places as nothing much to do but not for us. What is the purpose of visiting the nature, other than seeing the green scenery? Yeah, right... do nothing and rest yourself!


Lady of Leisure said...

betul kak sue.. lady pun lebih suka nature.. sejuk mata memandang... bukan badan jer , otak pun relax..

Jiey^Mien said...

wahhhh.. bestnya kak sue..
kami pun da lama tak cuti2 mesia neh..

suealeen said...

Lady of Leisure:
Ye la... suka cari damai begitu. Tapi bagi orang yang sukakan hiburan. tak sesuai kot.

Bercutilah, Jiey. You need it as a reward on your hardwork. Akak ni pun rasa nak gi panjat gunung je ni.


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