Mar 10, 2010

Family get together...

I still believe in family value and culture. Thus, we always spend times together, with both sides, at least once a month. And it's an honor if they come and visit us once a while at our house.

Recently, there was a family gathering in my hometown, dated March 7, 2010 (Sunday). The event was simple even though there were some hiccups at the beginning. It was to pray for the safety and the Almighty's blessing for the journey to Makkah for few members of the family, including my mom, which will be on this coming March 27. Other, we also held a tahlil.

Few days before Sunday, I prepared this at home:

To be put in these goody bags, together with others (a Yassin, biscuits, a fruit, a tupperware, etc.):

The faces:

My husband (in orange shirt) sat together with few MRSM's students and their class teacher (in green).

Amongs 4 important persons in my life - from left to right at the table - Abang Nua (my 1st brother-in-law), Pak Njang Hussin (my witness during akad), Abang Ngah @ Pak Haji (my 2nd brother-in-law), Angah (my late dad's brother).

We also celebrated Anis' (28th Feb) and Aap's (12th March) birthday. I gave them keychains.

Other interesting photos:

Wadai kepeng - one of Banjar's food.

And that would be ME and MY BELOVED HUSBAND! :)

Well, I'm looking forward to see them again coming end of this Month, especially in KLIA and after that. I think we should plan for something.


knv said...

salam. how r u sis? semoga sentiasa dibawah rahmat allah. syafiah nampak sihat ye? really great! hope things are well with u and family. take care.


Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya said...

wah happening nye..terliur tgk choc tu..

fisa othman said...

wah!!1 meriah sungguh yer...;)
eh yang kepala dalam baldi tu kucing ekk...hehehe

DeLLa said...

amboi kak sue...romantik mesra gitew

Anonymous said...

mesti ada gak wadai kepeng ni ek? ingat lagi masa ko ngan cikliah sebok berdiskas pasal makanan ni dolu2...:P


suealeen said...

Alhamdulillah kami sihat. Sori tak dapat blogwalking. Time constraint. Hope things are going smooth for you and family too.

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya:
Kita yang buat sendiri tak lalu makan dah rasanya. Hehehe...

fisa othman:
Yang kepala dalam baldi tu - Kambing! Hehehe... penderaan sungguh!

Teman tapi mesra.. hehehe

Kak KC:
Wadai/kuih ni memang sangat femes dalam masyarakat banjar. Dulu apa event pun mesti buat kuih ni terutamanya bila melibatkan kenduri la.


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