Oct 28, 2010

Is it really upside down?

I got this comment from a reader called wanoridz.

Let's check the box. From the picture we already knew the right way to use it.

Let's read the product description.

And instruction on how to use.

And also the front and the back diagram.

Please refer to product description, item no. 3. Two armrests: Allow parents to monitor baby's condition and adjust baby's position while in the water. That is what we have done when we used the neck float.

I'm wondering if I put her this way, how she will look like?

The only thing we 'derhaka' is we didn't put her chin on the chin support. We have put it there, but her chin turned red as the chin support is a bit hard.

I visited Mr Wanodridz's wife's blog. Seems the one that their child have been using is not the same product with our neck float. So I assume that their armrests are at the backside. If there are armrests at the backside of our neck float, Syafiah would not even hold them and I won't let it as it is better for her to move both of her hands while in the water. You have to see her in the water, she was not just only calm, but happy and didn't seem afraid to her surroundings. :))


Azma said...

sue, saya dah check hasif punya neck-float. Mambobaby jugak..memang arm restnya di bawah.. rasanya tak ada masalah kalau pakai terbalik pun.. hasif pun jarang2 pegang armrest tu coz dia still rasa tak confident dalam air.

suealeen said...

Tengok diagram tu pun tau armrest dia kat atas untuk Syafiah punya ni. So it's just a matter of design.

Yasmin Nabilah.. said...

kak sue..nabila pun pakai neck-float yang sama..armrest tu keatas..ina baca banyak kali instruction..sama mcm apa yang akak ckpkan..

suealeen said...

Yasmin Nabilah..:
Tu la peliknya, Ina.. bila tetiba je orang inform kita apa yang kita buat tu terbalik. Kalau terbalik la, hilang le seri pelampung makcik tu sebab decoration dia tu takkan plak nak ke bawah.

Azma said...

betul tu..kita ikut je instruction yg tokey produk tu tulis..janji keselamatan anak terjamin..

suealeen said...

Ha'ah... janji anak selamat. Mana tau kan, dah lama guna takyah pakai float dah pun. Dia terus pandai berenang je.

Azma said...

hehe..mana tau kan..tetiba je syafiah @ hasif berenang. Mau melompat mak2nye..


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