Oct 5, 2010

A Journey Of A Thousand Steps Begins With A Single Step

The flower girl in a flower neck float, and yes... this was her 1st swimming lesson:

I'm sorry, daughter, for the place is too small for you. You could fit in it nicely, but I'm not satisfy as I couldn't see your legs. You were acting good though you turned on your voice very high. You didn't cry, that's a good sign indeed. You didn't seem afraid to try a new thing. I'd buy you another bigger pool or may be we can spend some quality times at swimming pool or even waterfalls. But still, it was a good start to build your confidence first to be in the water without our supports. We started from small to big, will ya?

Yeah... I'm sorry too as I didn't buy a camera without a video function in it. If not, I can record your movements like this - the moment you feel happy and anxious, when you're kicking your feet high into the air. I've to wait for 3 years to buy this camera. I'm sure I can wait for 7D for next few years or when I have enough money to pass this to someone else. Or may be I can pass this to you! I hope one day, you can grab this and click it just like your mother.


KC said...

nmpk kepala dia dah semakin mengecil...alhamdulillah slow slow yek cik piah...

suealeen said...

kak KC:
Kepala dia maintain. Dulu 52cm, reduced to 46-47cm. Yang besarnya badan dia.

JMY said...

maklumat tentang neck float yg awk tulis berguna utk saya. terima kasih. saya dah pun beli online, dah dpt dan dah gunakan pun utk anak saya, dia sgt seronok.

suealeen said...

Mesti seronok anak guna kan.. Anyway berapa harga online?

wanoridz said...

Salam Sue Aleen,

just found ur blog, my daughter widaad pun guna neckfloat tu, but just to inform you, from the photo you attach, nampak mcm terbalik je guna neck float tu, handle tu suppose to be dkt bawah, utk anak pegang semasa dlm air, so they would be calmer bila ada something to hold too

this is my wife's blog

suealeen said...

Saya memang purposely tak bagi dia pegang apa supaya tangan dia menguak air dengan lebih terbuka. So far tak pernah lagi dia tak tenang. Bukankah kita sepatutnya treat setiap kid differently?

Rissya Collection said...

baby swim lam air suhu biase atau suam?


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