Oct 20, 2010

Syafiah in action!

We went to a water cascade on last Saturday to try Syafiah's neck float on her in a larger space. We brought along my mom who followed us back last week. I love the waterfall more than a swimming pool as it has no chlorine. We'd find more natural places for sure, be it waterfalls, beaches or even hot springs since she wasn't afraid to try new things. Next in mind is Sg Klah, Sungkai. Read a review here. Even on the way back home, we tried the opposite way, on which we found another hot spring named Ulu Tamu at Batang Kali.

So, let's some photos do the talk. You can click on photos to enlarge them (all photos by my husband except the first one):

She's floating, she's happy, she's adapting herself very well. She kept kicking both of her feet in the water. Almost all the time. Sometimes to left side, sometimes to the right. It made her moving in round and even backward. I just had to make sure that I stood the opposite way of the stream to avoid her from being washed away.

One positive response ~ she kept on talking in her language & giggling in the car after the activity, until Mastura asked her to stop as she wanted to sleep. The way I look at it, the stimulation is working on her. Even when I type this, she's accompanying me. She keeps on talking with different pronunciation.

The place we went called Ulu Yam. The nearest waterfall from our place. The upgrading work is in progress. New stalls are in place even though they're not fully operated yet. New changing rooms and washrooms too; to replace the old bad ones. Even though the weather is a bit hot now, the water remains cold. We performed the Asar prayer before we went home. The surau reminds me of 'rumah kebun' that once we had we're younger. Spacious wooden house. I just love to be in there.


Anonymous said...

She looks like she loves the water!

Cute photos!

suealeen said...

Yep.. she loves the water. We'd bring her out again this weekend.

Azma said...
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Azma said...

bestnye.. syafiah nmpk selesa berendam tu.. pernah gak bw hasif ke sini tp tak terfikir plak nak bw neck float dia. next time nak try la.. at the same time dia boleh exercise kan..

JMY said...

blm dapat bwk neck float aisyah beraksi di ruang yg lbh besar...tgh plan utk aktvt akan dtg..;)

Naimatul Hafizah Nor Rodin said...

kak, sofie pun fiza nak carikan satu utk dia. yg mcm piah punya tu. nak bawa gi mandi sungai..hehe

suealeen said...

Mesti Hasif seronok kalau mandi bersama.

Bawak la. Best tengok aksi anak dalam air.

Naimatul Hafizah Nor Rodin:
Kalau untuk Sofie better cari yang macam Krsty punya sebab Sofie dah pandai berdiri. Nanti jadi cam walker tau.

Tapi yang macam Syafiah punya ni sesuai betul untuk Hijjaz. Akak cari kat Toys R Us. Mahal la banding beli online. Cuma akak tak gemo beli barang online ni.


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