Jun 10, 2008

2 Hour Admission and Thank You, Docs!


I called H***m to request for the delay & explained about the mistake made in the resume. I received an unfriendly sound like no.. no.. we won't gonna hire you because of this mistake. Then, fine lah.. I said thanks at the end of the conversation. Don't care much if it is not meant to be mine. What I care most is about my children!


My husband came home and we rushed out to the hospital at about 1.30pm for an ROP appointment on 2pm. Arrived around 2.30pm.

Somebody who is a doctor has advised me:

"tomorrow, bring along something to read eg magazines books etc while waiting..it is going to be long for sure..even if u doa sampai keluar air mata berdarah pun it will be long! ..and btw be grateful while medical care is still FREE here..next thing u know, u have to pay for them. the gov will happily quote how much the americans, the brits and the aussies are paying their medical bills...so i say dont complaint even if u have to wait for few hours...instead buy something nice (not neccesarily expensive) eg chocolates or something and give them to those underpaid and overworked doctors and nurses who sees your child, as tokens of your appreciation..ask them how are they doing, have they eaten lunch or something...i bet they'll give extra attention to you and your daughter...!"

So I bought these at a kedai runcit on the 2nd floor:

Crunchies is my favorite though it's d*** sweet! Hey.. do you notice those included are biskut biji asam & biskut jem tersepit (I don't know what to call!)? Ini stock cerita lama ni... remind me a lot of memories.

While waiting:

Syafiah yang dah pandai hold her bottle!

Less than 10 people! 2 cute babies for ROP. Good... Syafiah was examined by Dr. SR (not me ok!) around 4.00pm. Dr. SR has noted Syafiah has have both optic disc palor. Hope it won't be that severe. Oh! You should go to the noon clinic! I'm so glad.. In fact, my husband didn't have to take full day leave!

Dr. SR called Dr. S, explained.. bla bla bla.. Dr. S asked her to write a referral letter to paed clinic. She brought this letter to a nurse, that nurse then led us to paed clinic which located at the same place - door to door.

When we arrived, Dr. T was speaking to Dr. S on the phone about us. Dr. S was actually in the NICU. There stood another paed specialist, Dr. N. After a few discussion, we agreed that Syafiah should be admitted to the ward. When asked Dr. T where has Dr. IH gone, she said, "Dr. I cuti.. cuti yang panjangggg!". To my surprise, my hubby told me that he'd be on leave for one year! Wonder why?

On the 'hotel' bed. Yah.. one bed for RM1.50/night!

Syafiah has been admitted to 8c ward (paed ward). Waited for a while in the ward, took her weigh (5.525 kg today), blood pressure & also temperature. All okay. After speaking to Dr. KC, he called the neurologist to ask for his opinions on Syafiah's case. CT scan would only be done on Wednesday, thus if we want, we'll have to stay for another 2 days. Meanwhile, do nothing except wait!

He kindly said that we should go home first as Syafiah is no longer under the care of paed clinic. She should be under the care of neuro team. Now between these 2 - hospital & home - which one do you prefer? Ding dong ding dong.. while waiting for him to issue a referral letter to neuro, we were eating 6pm heavy meal & borak-borak with other mothers there. Mom A is a mom with an infection's baby, Mom B is a mom with a down syndrom baby (plus jantung berlubang) and a newly arrived Mom C with a cramped baby! And surprise again, Mom B is married to my husband's senior who are at my age! Orang sekampung rupanya....

Dr. KC has released us around 7pm after meeting his patients and we've to go there again tomorrow morning to see the neuro who I supposed to be either Dr. T/Dr. S/Dr. E/Dr. Y anytime after 9am.

Puzzle huh! So many doctors!

Now, I would like to say thank you to the following:
1. Dr. A - an eye resident who advised us as quoted.
2. Dr. SR - an eye specialist who took the initiative and care for Syafiah's condition.
3. Dr. S - a paed specialist in NICU. Still remember how she touched my shoulder on the 3rd day after Syafiah was borned to console me.
4. Dr. T - a paed specialist in the paed clinic. We used to see her at NICU too.
5. Dr. N - a paed specialist. Never knewn him before. His gaya is like a computer programmer with a bag on his shoulder.
6. Dr. IH - paed HOD who is now going on leave for a year!
7. Dr. KC - a paed specialist. A broad shoulder and tall guy. Kinda a funny also!
8. Dr. T - a neurologist. A handsome and nice guy!
9. Dr. E - a neurologist. "Sabarlah", pat on my husband's shoulder."

Not to forget:
10. Dr. ZAR - an O&G & fertility specialist. Always meet him at Section 9 especially when eating time!
11. Dr. NN - an O&G and medical director.
12. Dr. RI - a paed specialist. Muka iras-iras Haliza Misbun, only she looks cuter and wearing scarf! Live in Bukit Jelutong with husband and the one and only boy.
13. Dr. F - a paed specialist.
14. Dr. K - a paed specialist. "Hoi budak botak!" he said to Adam.

And to all doctors in the world. I know how much time you spend not for your personal. Sacrifice a lot! BIGGEST THANKS!

By the way, there'll be a "Hari Jururawat Peringkat HSB" with the guest honnor - TSKI on this coming Wednesday (thanks to the nurses too.. especially in NICU). Hey.. we should create one day for the doctors too. Have you ever heard of it? Ermmm.... I never heard of it...

I feel and I know that my girl will go for an operation latest by this week. It's important for her brain. I should not be panicked.. there's a lot more to come in our life - be it, good or bad. This is just a piece of it. Pray that she'll just be ok and can tahan to fast for 8 hours before the operation. More importantly, she'll safe and survive. Allah.. please help her..

I know that you're strong, girl!!

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