Jul 12, 2008

Corrected Age and Kids' Developments

**UPDATE ALERT : 8.06 am, 12 July 2008**

Pemeriksaan gigi bayi wajib dari usia setahun
KUALA LUMPUR 11 Julai - Kementerian Kesihatan akan mewajibkan pemeriksaan gigi dan mulut terhadap bayi dari usia setahun di semua hospital dan klinik kerajaan, berkuat kuasa serta merta.

Menteri berkenaan, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai berkata, pemeriksaan itu akan dilakukan apabila seseorang bayi dibawa untuk menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan bulanan.

"Ia akan menjadi sebahagian daripada proses pemeriksaan. Kami mahu, apabila ibu bapa membawa anak mereka mendapatkan pemeriksaan perubatan setiap bulan, kanak-kanak itu juga akan menjalani pemeriksaan berkaitan kebersihan mulut," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Persidangan Persatuan Pergigian Paediatrik Asia keenam di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, langkah itu juga sejajar dengan matlamat kementerian berkenaan untuk meningkatkan kesedaran orang ramai tentang pentingnya penjagaan gigi dan mulut, yang kini meliputi kanak-kanak berusia bawah empat tahun.

''Kami percaya, penjagaan gigi perlu bermula seawal yang mungkin. Janganlah sampai gigi dah rosak baru nak selamatkan gigi tu," katanya.

Beliau berkata, sejajar dengan keputusan itu, lebih banyak jururawat akan dilatih bagi menjalankan tugas berkenaan dan memberi penerangan yang diperlukan kepada ibu bapa.



Are you well aware that in preterm infants there is a term called "Corrected Age"?

Calculating Corrected Age


Assessment of growth, feeding skills, and development should be based on a corrected age for preterm infants. Use of the actual date of birth to calculate age will lead to inappropriate assessment and advice. Parents report that health professionals frequently fail to take prematurity into account. Please see section on what parents say about things that were not helpful.


A full term pregnancy is estimated to be 40 weeks from the mother's last menstrual period. The Corrected age (CA) otherwise known as Gestationally Corrected Age (GCA) or sometimes just Gestational Age (GA) is based on the age the child would be if the pregnancy had actually gone to term. Chronological age (CH) is a term that is used to indicate the age from the actual day the child was born. An accurate EDC (expected date of confinement) corrected age is calculated by using that date as a birth date. For example an infant with an EDC of March 1, who was born on January 1, will have a corrected age of 3 months on June 1.

Calculating Corrected Age (CA) from Chronological Age (CH)

CA = CH - # weeks or months premature


Baby Syafiah was born at 31 weeks gestation
He was 12 weeks premature (40 weeks - 31 weeks = 9 weeks = estimated 2 months)
Today it is 5 months 3 weeks + 6 days old past the day he was actually born (estimated 6 months CH)
CA = 6 months - 2 months
Baby Syafiah is 4 months corrected age

Let's see what she can do now at 4 months corrected age:
- smiles
- giggles
- holds head up briefly
- turns head to sound
- holds something in her hands
- babbling
- trying to turn over
- loves to suck and chew her own thumb!!! (adakah dia juga akan tumbuh gigi pada usia 5 bulan seperti yang dua lagi?)

It's still an achievement for me as I know she has been through a lot before.

Taken at HSB. See the bruises? Happened when the anesthetists and neurosurgeons team tried so hard to hold her. She must be struggled to escape herself! "Your girl is strong, huh!" remember?

Not only her, the rest will open their eyes a bit when they're sleeping. Just like daddy!

The COH is now decreasing from 52 cm (admitted) to 46 cm. Her weight now is 5.8 kg. The AF looks sunken, isn't it? If you see her closely, the transition from big to a bit small makes her skull a bit weird too (freak I must say!). It's not even. A specialist said it's good as it shows that the shunt is working properly.

Hopefully the shunt will last long. According to Gina Marie, she changed hers at the age of 10 (due to her height). A family member claimed that his friend's son has recovered completely and the shunt has been pulled out at the age of 8.

I pray that Allah swt will help us to go through this test smoothly. I've to be aware & alert in monitoring her physical condition i.e. infection, sick, fever. Should be well care of. So far, the performance is good. Moga Allah swt tidak membiarkan saya keseorangan, insyaAllah.

Still have bit of sunsetting eyes but better than before. Next ROP appointment will be done on Monday noon.

Taken today - active and febrile

Apa motif ambik gambo ni selain dari menunjuk aurat/paha dia yang montok itu.. huhu! Amaran! Orang dewasa sila jangan buat!

My another 'anak' who likes to enter frame. He'll pose anything (menggedik) if we want to shoot his pictures. He's a part of our family. Luckily, he never pooped on neighbours' grounds as they've sealed them with cements (but if he does, I'm so sorry!). Kinda obey cat too.


And another proof! Gatai punya kucin...

Monitoring and learning the exclusivities of other kids:

Three lovely and precious germs in my heart (and perhaps more!)

1. Mastura
- loves drawing, sketching. If the paper doesn't satisfy her, she'll draw on the wall! To make matter worse, she'll use crayon. Another crayon Sin Chan in the making!
- a bit hard to memorize ABC in compared to 123.
- she can memorize do'a (simple ones such as when to sleep and when to eat).
- she loves Wonder Pets, Blue's Clues, Dora & Diego (that kinda program lah..). Not really interested in other cartoons (but her mom likes them so much! Hahahaha!).
- easy to understand and follow instructions.
- independent.
- washes her own plates.
- ables to reach and take food by herself.
- ables to bath herself.
- searches and picks her own clothes.
- choosy. She also can pick her desirous things alone. Example : we went to a baby shop nearby our house. When I chosed few things, she chosed hers at different location. I shall allow if the place is not big.
- talkative.
- passionate.
- still hasn't showed any sign to leave FM.
- always sleep late.
- likes stickers.
- very well toilet trained inclusive washing hers by herself.
- rajin even when not asked! Example : helping in holding bottle for her sister.
- suka semakkan rumah!

Thinking Chair + Ayam Tak Berkepak Berekor Secoet

2. Adam
- loves drawing too. I guess it's a copycat!
- ables to memorize do'a just like his sister.
- loves the programs mentioned too. They'll sit and watch with passion.
- talkative. Now starting to ask "why".
- not that choosy. Anything also can. Wears a flowerish legging also can (aiyyoo... blame on my hubby!)
- consumes a plenty of plain water + any water including estimately about 8 bottles of FM everyday! Kopak wallet ayah, nak oiii!
- always have projects! Be it good or bad. Very creative projects!
- easy to understand and follow instructions.
- suka semakkan rumah.
- likes to make jokes & funny face expressions. Also funny in picking words to speak!
- ables to bath himself. Tapi masih belum boleh harap untuk pilih baju sendiri. Still wearing diapers.
- always comes from nowhere and kisses his sister and says, "Adekkk!" with a wonderful soft voice! Caiyaq makkk!

Still a lot more to catch up as a mom. To be a mom of three kids, I must admit, it's not an easy task. You've to be energetic, fun, understanding, allow for some private spaces for them (choosing things and making simple decisions) & alert to your surroundings! And you should learn new things too as your kids will be asking you a lot. Sometimes you'll be surprised with the questions!

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