Jul 27, 2008

A Little More About Syafiah & Adi...

On Syafiah again..!

Some of you might wonder why I've been talking a lot about Syafiah. Here are the answers:

1. Premature birth (also known as preterm birth) at 31 weeks + 1/7 day. Her birthdate was on 14 January 2008 whilst the expected date was supposed to be in the midst of March. See calculating corrected age.

Factors related to maternal disease or condition that have been shown to increase the risk of preterm birth, with associated odds ratio (OR) when known include:

- Chromosomal abnormalities; Dr. Aaron Caughey, a perinatologist at UCSF, states: "...it's important to note that the majority of miscarriages — up to 80 percent — happen due to chromosomal abnormalities that have nothing to do with the mother's behavior. The last thing women who have had miscarriages need to do is blame themselves...." source: San Francisco Chronicle
- high blood pressure (OR = 4.06)
- pre-eclampsia (OR = 4.0)
- age > 35 (OR = 1.8)
- age < 18 (OR = 3.4) - short cervix (the strongest predictor of premature birth)
- maternal diabetes
- anxiety
- periodontal disease (OR = 4.45)

More info, here..

In my case, the probabilities are short cervix (when I was sitting, I could feel the rheumatic), anxiety and Premature Rupture of the membranes - PROM. The amnion broke:

The amnion is a membranous sac that surrounds and protects the embryo. It is developed in reptiles, birds, and mammals, which are hence called “Amniota”; but not in amphibian and fish, which are consequently termed “Anamnia”. The primary function of this is the protection of the embryo for its future development into a fetus and eventually an animal.

See also, Kelahiran Pramatang.

2. Complication on day 3.

Newborn complications

Premature infants show physical signs of their prematurity and may develop other problems as well. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


Apnea of prematurity
Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)
Intracranial hemorrhage (IVH)
Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)
- the checking is still on going
Developmental disability

The Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) has been graded as grade III (left brain) and IV (right brain) leads to her Communicating Hydrocephalus.

3. First CT scan on 13 February 2008.

4. First EVD on 14 February 2008.

5. 1st revision of EVD after 2 weeks - 28 February 2008.

6. 2nd revision of EVD after 4 weeks - 13 March 2008.

She got meningitis in this 2nd revision. Pale, inactive and the whole body was swollen. They put antibiotic inside her brain directly. Completed IV Meropenem and IV Vancomycin.

7. Expecting 3rd revision of EVD after 6 weeks but they pulled it out completely on 20 March 2008.

8. Done the final Lumbar Puncture on 27 March 2008 to make sure there's no infection.

9. Brought home on 31 March 2008.

10. ROP on 9 June 2008. The ophthalmologist referred her to paed clinic. Admitted for 2 hours. The pediatrician issued another referral letter to neuro clinic. Went home.

11. Neuro clinic 10 June 2008. 2nd CT scan on the same day. The previously noted hydrocephalus has increased with further thinning of brain parenchyma. All ventricles are dilated. Worsening hydrocephalus. Changed plan from EVD to VP shunt.

12. 1 1/2 hour surgery on 11 June 2008.

13. Scheduled 3rd CT scan on 16 June 2008 but failed as Syafiah was unable to 'sleep'. The purpose of this CT scan was to make sure that everything was working. They supposed to scan her from head to stomach where the tubing is in place.

14. Wound clean, no discharge seen, no CSF leakage. Went home on 18 June 2008 after the nurses pulling out the stitches.

And the uncertain future ahead! There's a lot more to come for us and our extra special kid (the other 2 are special too). Hopefully, bright hopes and positive things will happen to us continuously, insyaAllah. I've witnessed miracles happened along the way, expecting and praying for more. Tamakkk! But she made me closer to The Creator, alhamdulillah. Furthermore, du'a is a weapon.

Go go Syafiah go... go and improve more! We'll be with you through hard and happy times...

On Adi Luqman

He finally left us this morning. I'm sure I'll miss the kid! His daddy came and took them home at SK. So, I'm 'jobless' (read : less job) next week. But I still have to meet the client next week. Oh, pray harder that the rezeki will be on our sides.

Oh, Ata has also been sent to his rented house at BBJ (formerly known as BB). His leave is over and now he has to get back to his world. He's a student!

On going back to PB

Heard that Acek (Waida, sila jeles tahap gaban ye!) has decided to join at kak Bib's house this afternoon. Awa, mak, Adam and Jef have been on the bus since 9.45 am (oitt... kalo sampai dan online, kem salam kat semua orang. We'll be tailing you, guys!). I've prepared and we planned to leave the house on 1 pm. I miss Adam so much. Sunyi rumah ni tanpa Adam tauuu! Huhuhu.. sob.. nak nangis tapi dia selamba je.. cett!!

Can wait for the family reunion to see faces I love in my hometown as I miss them a lot!

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