Oct 9, 2008

On being thrilled and grateful!

I'm thrilled! After Syafiah and husband meeting up with neuro & ped yesterday morning, we'll enter a new phase of her journey. The therapy sessions! It is just like a big package! ROP, neuro, neuro development, ENT (also join the list).

The list of appointments:

1. 7/10/2008 - Neuro. Issued a referral letter to ped clinic. Could meet the ped on the same day. Discussed to set for an appointment for her therapies (walking, talking, etc.)

2. 15/10/2008 - CT Scan. After the VP session last June, there's no CT scan done. The specialist wanted to perform it, remember? But failed due to her unability to sleep eventhough after being drugged. This one thrill me the most! What if the VP is actually malfunction? Surely there'll be another VP procedure next week! Hopefully it's just my feeling. Furthermore, the reservoir has been in the balloon shape for almost 2 weeks. But according to the neuro, the AF was soft and there's nothing to worry about. Perhaps the CSF is being absorbed naturally.

One of the good news is the COH is further reduced to 46 cm. I measured her COH only last week before balik kampung. It was 46.5 cm and one month before that measured by her ped at about 47 cm. I just really hope and pray The Almighty will bless us with His mercy and more miracles.

Another good news is we don't have to stay in the HSB to perform this. Syafiah will be fasting starting from 4 am just from home.

3. 21/10/2008 - Neuro again. To get the result of the CT scan I guess.

4. 28/10/2008 - ENT. To ensure that she is not deaf. So far, ok.. but we just want to make sure.

5. 10/11/2008 - ROP.

Sometimes I feel, beside bringing my iman to the next level, this is something like a 'punishment' for me for making so many mistakes in my younger days. Sigh! Oh God... please make my faith stronger.. ameen. Frankly, I don't feel strong enough... you know lah.. this uncertain feeling is killing me softly from inside.

Eventhough, the general condition of my daughter is alright - she's feeding well (now going on solid), recovering from fever and cough faster, rarely cry just like previous children - it requires me to mentally prepare for any uncertainties. And that's really tough!

This whole experience changes the chapter of my life. The way I look at this life and the way I look over a matter, of course. I've witnessed so many miracles happened along the way. The more to go. I'm grateful for being the chosen one to get through this thrilled experience.

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