Jan 16, 2009

On shunt types and a bit about her today...

I just want to share the look of the programmable and non-programmable shunt (as mentioned by Jiey) in this entry. One of the well-known manufacturers is Johnson & Johnson's CODMAN® (others are Medtronic, NeuroCare Group - manufacturers of Heyer-Shulte shunts, NMT Neurosciences and Phoenix Biomedical). You can see the programmable shunt as below:

Neurosurgeons can pre-select one of 18 different pressure settings. After implantation, the valve can be adjusted non-invasively to adapt to changes in patient condition. That means surgeons are able to make precise pressure adjustments to help control intracranial pressure and ventricle size at any time."

This is actually to avoid a patient from having multiple surgeries. But according to Monica, a 34-year-old shunt recipient, there's a side affect that she called 'bruised feeling headache'. She was previously used a non-programmable shunt for 19 years! Perhaps, she's adapting to her new shunt.

More info please feel free to visit here and here (PDF format). Also to Monica's site - here.

Another type is non-programmable, the one my daughter is using (not sure from which company).

OSV II® Smart Valve™ System by Integra.

It's not a sole manufacturer. There are others too.

This is the advantages that I read in its web:

1- Automatic Pressure Response: Automatically adjusts to conditions present, eliminating the need for pressure range changes or programming.

2- MRI-safe: Materials of construction allow for compatibility with MRI and are not interfered with by household magnets, as many programmable valves are.

3- Anti-siphoning stage: Balances the CSF secretion rate with drainage rates automatically, regardless of patient position, and is unaffected by position or subcutaneous pressure or fibrosis.

4- Minimized Ventricular Catheter Obstructions: Avoids rapid decrease of ventricular size, minimizing the risk of proximal obstruction.

5- Physiological Response: Maintains physiologically negative ICP when patient stands.

6- Time and Cost-Saving Advantages: Eliminates the need for additional surgeries for pressure adjustment or for stocking a range of valves.

7- Easy-to-Use Design: Tests easily to assess patency. Available in a variety of configurations, including a choice of separate or integral ventricular catheters.

As I spoken to her father this afternoon, he said that the specialist has chosen the low pressure shunt this time. He was spoken to Dr. Huang. Haven't had the chance to see that yet as I'm not fully ready physically (what a selfish mom! I'm not feeling A-ok right now. *Sigh*).

She was in the OT room around 10.30 am and finished around 1.00 pm something just before my husband told the nurses that he wanted to go out for the Juma'at prayer today. Alhamdulillah, she's safe and he sent me her picture through GPRS. Until now, she's still sleeping and the drip is on, meaning that she's not breaking her fast yet.

I'm eager to see her as I miss her so much! And I miss to shoot her photo after the operation by myself too!!


Anonymous said...

So is Syafiah back in hospital having another shunt revision? Which seems from your post she is...so sorry to hear and hope this one stays longer without any problems. Sending you big hugs from Sydney xx

suealeen said...

So unfortunate as the answer is Yes. She's back to hospital again.

I just hope that He'd bless us with patience and miracle that the shunt will last longer...

Aboo said...

Sis Sue!

Mai MaMi oso don spik!

Waahhh...lemaunya rupa dia,gaya macam baru lepas pilihanraya!Huhuhu..

Hmmm...dah nak baik la tu kot!InsyaAllahhh...jari2 tu macam tak sabar nak menaip tuuu..!Huhuhu

Errr...Gua di-post ke Penang selama 4-5bln start 2Feb ni dan akan bermastautin di sekitar USM Transkrian (Parit Buntar)...Akan gua ejas utk menjengok Si Syafiah nih...Apa macam maknya?!Huhuhu..


suealeen said...

Ko ni sihat ke idak? Apa barang nak jumpak aku kat sana sedangkan aku dok kat area KL?

Hahaha.... lemau ke limau?

Aboo said...

Sis Sue!

adakah gua silap komen?! Ahhh..abaikan saja! huhuhu!

suealeen said...

Hehehe.. hahaha... huhuhu!

Anonymous said...

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