May 28, 2009

Tag answer

Ingat tak tag yang saya pernah tanya dulu? Hari ni genaplah usia tag tu 2 minggu. My sister has answered it correctly. Of course she'll know since the place is so familiar to us.

The house belongs to these people:

From left to right : My uncle (brother to my late father), his wife and their youngest kid - Yin. They're on the way here as we've family gathering this weekend. A reception for Jihan, my auntie's niece.

Photo inside the house.

Photo outside the house.

We regularly go to their house even though it is far away. Hujung dunia, sempadan dengan Thai some more. I've gone to Betong, Thai without visa/passport somewhere in 2000. This place situated in Pengkalan Hulu (formerly known as Keroh). A historical place too if you ever read the history. Ada cerita pasal komunis lagi!

It's a peaceful place. Dulu sejuk sket sekarang ni kureng mungkin sebab ada development nearby - MRSM Pengkalan Hulu. Yang best lagi makan pun free.. huhu!

p/s : My broadband tengah korok lately.. I mean the reception.. aiya!


Jiey^Mien said...

OOh.. Jiey tak sempat buat pun tag nih.. Sbnrnya, tak paham instruction.. :P

suealeen said...

tak pe.. akak memula pun blur² jugak... :D


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