Jun 12, 2009

Down the memory lane..

I could still remember vividly what happened to me on one Friday afternoon like this 5 years ago. I had a terrible running nose and headache. My body ached. Even my feet were puffed-up. It had almost a week.

Suddenly I could feel a thick white liquid came out from my V. As usual, I wasn't panicked at all even though I was home alone. I got my cellphone and called my husband who was in the office. Later, I called my mom who was in kg to ask for her advise on what's going on with me. She said that it might be a signal.

I packed few of my clothes.

That evening after my husband returned from work, we headed to Shah Alam. In my heart, I was really hoping that I would feel it that night. No.. I didn't feel the pain at all. After eating pizza, we came back. I said to my husband that it's okay as we'd meet the gynae the next day.

So we met my gynae on Saturday as scheduled. My gynae told me that surprisingly my BP has gone up a bit. Maybe I was excited. Later I told him (I had the same gynae twice but then we changed gynae following my husband's advise) that I've this kinda signal on Friday - a white thick liquid. No.. it's not like that 'keputihan'. It's different.

He advised me to be admitted that day. We waited on a temporary bed at Level 3. We had lunch. There's nothing happened yet. Nurses came to check on me several times. They said that I've contraction but I didn't realize it until I went through the CTG test. The sound was fantastic, like a horse riding!

A nurse came to us on 4 pm. She asked me to consume a pill. After that, I felt that I wanted to poop. When I was in the bathroom, the water broke. That was the first time I felt the pain. The same nurse headed us to the labor room. They put on the drip and asked us to wait. She measured the opening length. It was 6 cm. One of them told us to find them whenever I wanted to poo poo again. And she also told me that my daughter might be born on 9 pm.

Not long after she was walking out the room, I felt I wanted to poo poo again. So my husband caught her and told her what I felt. She came back with my gynae. My gynae was supposed to meet his family somewhere in Bangi that he would like to watch a game with them. He wore a jersey shirt. When asked, he replied that he would rather see a newborn baby. He's really committed to his career. His assistant measured again. This time it was 10 cm.

After a short battle, I felt really exhausted. I was still having headache and running nose. In fact, I was having a fever. Her head circumference was very big too. My gynae decided to use the vacuum procedure. She was later born on 5.05 pm. Weight at about 3.4 kg.

A nurse put her on my chest without cleaning the blood. I touched her cheek with my finger. The feeling was indescribable. Like you're touching an angel. After that, they took her away for cleaning and first day Vit-K injection. She was in nursery until 9 pm when we asked the nurse to bring her to us.

Here are some old pictures. Sorry the photos are not clear. I've shot them again by my cellphone.

I was holding her for the first time

Mom was holding her on the 2nd day

Yo! Peaceeeeee....!

1 month old

2 months old at Awana Kijal

2 months old

Sket lagi dia boleh jadi anak Michelin

She is very closed to her daddy until now. When she was little, she loved to climb on daddy's laps to sleep. She was fully BF.. tengok la pipi dia yang berketul tu

I remember how I really loved to eat Italian foods, drink coffee and eat bread when I was conceiving her. Like always, I haven't planned to do anything for her today except I asked her daddy to bring back slices of cake for both of them. Nantilah insyaAllah ada rezeki kita orang bawak dia gi jenjalan hujung minggu ni. Oh.. before I forgot, I won't be able to attend to MSK gath. Sorry... saya ni jenis tak suka gathering.. aci dak? Lagi pun tak tahu lagi. Mungkin nak ke satu event pada sebelah malamnya, wallahu'alam.

I just hope and pray that she'd turn to be an amazing individual without forgetting who she is, where she came from and what's the purpose for her to live in this world, ameen. Happy 5th birthday, Mastura. We love you always and so glad that Allah swt sent you to us, alhamdulillah. Ughh... how fast the time flies!


Jiey Mien said...

Wahhhh... Tembamnya!! Geram tgk..

Dayah said...

Selamat HAri Jadi Mastura..
moga jadi anak solehah, kakak yg baik n jaga adik2 ...okie

Anonymous said...

Hepi birthday to mastura... :)
kelahiran anak first ni mmg tak mampu diluahkan dgn kata2 sbnrnye..

noorra said...

Happy Birthday to Mastura.
Masa kecil baby yg tembam dan bik sgt2...blh tinggal je mak dia nak p shopping...bila dah besar sikit sedar2 badan separuh dlm kelambu dia separuh lagi kat luar...tgn dah pandai capai....dan dia dah blh memusing2.

Sekarang dah blh join dgn semua sepupu2 dia. Dulu dia ada masa kekwat sikit. Buat dekkk je.

~:|:sara:|:~ said...

Happy Birthday Mastura
Semoga menjadi pembimbing buat adik² & anak yg solehah...

* sorry lambat wish, baru aku msk blog ri ni...:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mastura!

mirah said...

Selamat ulangtahun ke-r mastura!
Moga jadi anak solehah penyejuk hati ayah ibu.

k sue, ya cepat kan masa berlalu. Saya yang tengok aisyah yg dah 2thn6bulan tu pun mcm tak percaya. Suka sangat peluk cium dia, mesti sket hari lagi dia dah taknak kena cium lagi kan.

mirah said...

ops kenapa keluar r tu?
Selamat ulangtahun kelahiran ke-5 mastura!

suealeen said...

Jiey Mien:
Mana tak tembam... dia la paling berat masa lahir. Sekarang ni meninggi plak.

InsyaAllah.. thanks Auntie Dayah (on behalf of Mastura).

| Krsty Pinky |:
Kelahiran beberapa orang anak pun tak mampu diluahkan dengan kata² sebenarnya sebab setiap mereka itu unik. Pengalaman juga lain². Mungkin yang berbeza sebab kita ni dah bertukar title kepada ibu buat pertama kalinya.

Mastura ni kekwat dia lebih kurang macam Amira jugak la kecik² dulu. La ni kalau balik kg lebih suka bergaul dengan sepupu sampai lupa kat mak ayah dia. I couldn’t forget the day she opened the bathroom’s door when you’re taking your bath! Haha.. kenangan! Masa tu umur dia 7 bulan kalo tak silap.

InsyaAllah... Mak Cu doakan sekali na...

Sarah :
Thanks Auntie Sarah!

mirah :
Memang Mastura ni selalu jadi penyejuk hati ibu ayah. Kalau ikutkan Mastura ni dia nak lagi kita cium dia. InsyaAllah Aisyah mao je dipeluk dicium lagi jika kena dengan caranya.

Belly-Button said...

mastura.. means yg terpelihara isn't it?
she is so cute.. ;)

suealeen said...

yea.. Mastura maknanya yang terpelihara.. thanks for visiting, ya Auntie BB..


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