Jun 24, 2009

Have you ever been in love?

Yes... I've been and am so in love with him.

Sorry, for setting up the Youtube to autoplay and loop. I know that some people won't like this. I'll tell you why I put up the song on this blog's wall tomorrow later today... *tomorrow apanye...*

p/s : He just returned from work just now. We're supposed to fast as today is 1st Rejab. However, my period came this morning and he has a fever. Some more he got MC. Get well soon and take care, my dearest!


Zuhaini said...

ekekek.. patutla ada lagu celine dion.. (kebetulan saya bukak banyak window at a time, so x tau sapa punya blog yg letak lagu autoplay ni.. tapi no hal la.. sedap lagu ni.. ) :)

suealeen said...

Akak memang fan Celine Dion.

~:|:sara:|:~ said...

ya..aku juga "kipas susah mati" celine dion!!...
lagu dia sume best²...hohoho

Intan @ mama ammar said...

aku punya speaker sentiasa off sue. so, tade hall punyaaa.

suealeen said...

Lagu dia mak aiii... yang catchy, yang balada, yang sentimental... semo best!

Intan @ mama ammar:
On la sat masuk blog ni... hehehe.. kalo minat kat CD la..


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