Jun 24, 2009

The Unbelievable 6 Years of Happiness

How fast! It seems like we only get married yesterday. Today is 1st Rejab. We got married in the evening on 2nd of Rejab 1424 after Isya'. In Islamic calendar, we'd start a new day after Maghrib, which means we'd celebrate our anniversary tonight. Old people say that the #2 reflects the element of water - peaceful and harmony (hope there's no alligator @ tsunami, huh!).

Simple chronology of our life:-
1- Akad nikah/the vow - 2 Rejab 1424 (equal to Saturday, 30 August 2003).
2- Reception at my hometown - 3 Rejab 1424 (equal to Sunday, 31 August 2003).
3- Reception at his hometown - 9 Rejab 1424 (equal to Saturday, 6 September 2003).
4- First child (Mastura) - 23 Rabiulakhir 1425 (equal to Saturday, 12 June 2004).
5- Second child (Adam) - 28 Zulkaedah 1426 (equal to Wednesday, 28 December 2005).
6- Third child (Syafiah) - 05 Muharram 1429 (equal to Monday, 14 January 2008).

We have planned to fast today to express our gratitude to the Almighty Creator that we've been this far in an exciting and happy journey. Allahuakbar. Unfortunately, my monthly 'best friend' came this morning and he got a high fever until he got an MC.

Abang, thanks for your everyday smile, your endless support, your patience, your ehsan, your love, your understanding, your compromise, your warmth, your joke and laughter, and your efforts in maintaining our great relationships. It is great to share this life with someone who can accept us as the way we are. I'm happy to have you and our children in my life, alhamdulillah. Please get well soon!

Here is a song for my beloved husband:

p.s. : And thanks for your contribution of XY gene too.. haha! Without it, I don't think our babies would come out! Agaknya apalah saya tengah buat petang camni 6 tahun lepas ye?


Intan @ mama ammar said...

Happy anniversary Sue. kami coming soon next month! yezzaa

sya said...

happy anniversary! semoga akan terus dilimpahi rahmat Allah.. :)

Kerikil Kehidupan said...

Happay Anniversary..Semoga rumahtangga Sue akan terus dilimpahi rahmat..Amiinn...

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary, what a lovely blog post!

Dayah said...

Happy Enibeseri Kaksue
may all the goods thing return to u n the family..

p/s: again, comment at odd hour (2.27am)..tdi dah bantai tiodq, la ni tak buleh lelap..nasib SI tidoq nyenyak

nadnye said...

Happy Anniversary Sue..
Nicely said... semoga bahagia ke anak cucu :)

mirah said...

oh k sue mood in love rupanya.. hihi..
happy anniversary k sue.
Moga kekal hingga ke syurga. Amin.

DeLLa said...

anniversary sy next month..hehehe..
anyway congrate ek kak sue..eh sue..eh entahla...sy 28 this year...sue?

~:|:sara:|:~ said...

happy 6th anniversary...
moga kekal hingga bercucu cicit...

kak Bib said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of u. Moga berkekalan dan mendapat rahmat dan keberkatan selamanya sehingga ke akhirat.

| Krsty Pinky | said...

hepi 6th anniversary to kak ela + abg nen :)

ummu asiah said...

so sweet n touching...

ya..selamat menyambut ulangtahun perkahwinan yg ke 6..moga terus berkekalan bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat dan dipertemukan kembali di syurga yang kekal abadi..

bukannya sesuatu yang mudah untuk terus saling bersefahaman..

azzamoro said...

Happy anniversary.. semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat...ameen..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

Sue, Semoga Berkekalan Seumur Hidup. Amin.

Lady of Leisure said...

wah kak sue, happy anniversary ya..
semoga berbahagia.. :-)

suealeen said...

Intan @ mama ammar:
Bolehlah aku celeb dengan hang.. lg pun Islamic birthday aku dalam bulan Syaaban!

sya :
InsyaAllah, amen.

Kerikil Kehidupan:
InsyaAllah, amen.

Thanks, dear.

Tu dia aihh.. jadi burung antu. Thanks for the wish!

InsyaAllah bahagia selama-lamanya.

Ye la.. mood dia macam terawang-awang gitu.. Ameen. Itulah yang diharapkan, redha dan syurga Allah swt.

I’m 31. Next month (Syaaban) will turn to 32. July will turn to 31 again. :P. Jom kita doakan perkahwinan kita kekal selamanya insyaAllah.

~:|:sara:|:~ :
Kalo boleh nak cecah sampai ke piut... tapi tak nak la sensorang je..

kak Bib:
Saya pun doakan kak Bib berkekalan selamanya hingga ke akhirat dengan abang Ngah.

| Krsty Pinky |:
Thanks, Da..

ummu asiah:
Kata² yang sangat touching juga. Itulah aim kami. Moga dipertemukan di syurga yang kekal abadi, insyaAllah ameen.

InsyaAllah, amen..


Lady of Leisure:
Mood akak macam lagu “Ku Bahagia” by Melly Goeslow tu tau.. thanks yarr!


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