Jun 10, 2009

Have you ever seen HO?

We're so familiar with AFO - ankle foot orthosis/orthoses. But have you ever heard or looked at HO - hand orthosis/orthoses?

This is how it looks like:

Hers is light blue

The purpose to wear this HO is to straighten her left hand & fingers. Suka nau bagi bengkok dan genggam tangan. This HO could be adjusted and could be pulled out of her hand. She started to wear HO this morning after returning from her therapy. Her daddy told me the procedure. Sounds interesting, unfortunately, I've always missed new knowledges as I wasn't around.

Another mom to a hydrocephalic, SMS-ed me this morning, telling me that her son is hospitalized again due to the leakage at the distal end. I'm not sure how many revisions he had so far but I've met them several times when we're in and out of the HSB. There's one time they stayed in the ward for more than a month!

Her son is a spina bifida patient too. He always smiles like Ian, Jiey's sweetheart, especially when he meets Malays, nurses and doctors. Syafiah ni 'sombong' beno... nak senyum pun pilih² orang. Nak stay pun memilih jugak. Even with her own daddy. Kalau dengan orang yang dia tak kenal/nak, mesti merungut sepanjang dia ditinggalkan. Frankly, I'm waiting for the moment she'll laugh at me!


Lightnur said...

Assalamualaikum Suealeen

Thanks for the info about HO. May it benefit Syafiah, ameen.

I am so sorry to hear about that other mum. I pray that everything go well with the son and the mum. It is so sad to hear when children get sick. What can we do except to be patient with it?

Insha Allah one day Syafiah will laugh at you. I thought that Muja will never smile, but Allahu Akbar at two she smile for the first time. There is hope, alhamdulillah.

Hugs and kisses

Dayah said...

salam akak,
terms yg susah saya nak sebut..berbelit rasa lidah...tapi apapun thx for the sharing..moga segala urusan akak n Syafiah dipermudahkan..

one day u'll see her laughter..insyaAllah

mirah said...

K sue,
insyaAllah you will see her smile one day..
Yes ,moga syafiah dapat benefit dari pakai alat itu.

Zuhaini said...

patutla serius je muka syafiah everytime mama dia snap..

oh, insya allah, soon.. :)

suealeen said...

Wsalam. InsyaAllah, it'll benefit her. Moreover, she likes to pull her left thumb to assist her fingers to be straight. It's like Allah swt guides her without we realize about it.

Cuba sebut ortholaryngology (pakar ent), lagi berbelit lidah. Can't wait for the moment she'll laugh at me.

Dia memang selalu senyum. Mungkin gelak tak berbunyi jugak kot. Entah la.. kadang akak bukannya faham pun.

Dia pandai pilih orang la Zu.. silap hb bila orang lain agah dia, dia marah balik bukannya nak senyum.. hehe..


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