Jul 16, 2009

Move on..

I'm moving on. Leaving all the unhappy memories behind. Yeah.. yeah! I'm unpredictable individual. Yesterday, I was really down. It was up to blocking the access to this blog on the morning, and I have thought on deleting it or be on a hiatus mode. Or perhaps I can change the URL, as long as I have registered to Google search engine, I don't mind! Next day I know, I could stand strong and forget what has happened to me for the last few days.

I stand and hold on to my motto - "You should have the ability to turn adversities into something positive". This statement was actually given by a dear blogger friend for me for my last year's entry. Quoted from the original statement:

I am truly speechless after reading this piece of yours…your ability to turn adversities into something positive is very inspirational (to say the least)…well done!

I love his statement. It is a very well explanation on my attitude, and perhaps explained why I could face on Syafiah's fates calmly (alhamdulillah) *kembang makcik dari tahun lepas sampai tahun ni masih tak mau surut :P perasan betul!*.

And thanks to Dayah who wrote an entry about me yesterday. A nice inspiring poem. Really appreciate it. As well as fellow bloggers who gave me advices and comments, no matter if the comments are negative or positive.

I'm not a perfect person indeed!

p.s. : Thanks for those who are concerned about me, who tried to contact and sms me. You know who you are. A friend in need is a friend indeed!


Lady of Leisure said...

kak sue, leave all the negative aura behind and move forward..

UmmiKhayra said...

Salam Kak Sue,

Memang kadang2 kita akan rasa down sgt.. tak salah untuk rasa macam tu kadang-kadang.. yang penting, kita tau sampai mana, and keep moving forward. :) Allah sentiasa disisi kita.. :)

Anonymous said...

masih x tau ngapekah kak ela down..
nt story2 la..

DeLLa said...

kak..biase la..kdg2 mood swing...apa2 pun kita ken strong ok..sbb anak2 bergantung pd kekuatan kita..chaiyok superbmum!!!

sya said...

yaaaa... go go chayok... :D

tapi kan, yang sebenarnya, perasaan happy selepas unhappy tu akan jadi happy yang luar biasa... :P

qaseh said...

mmm... you are strong mum!masa sy dlm pntang, rasa down sgt2, baby prem kena meningitis smpai 8mggu antibiotik,.... blog awak la mengubat segala duka sy... buang jauh2 tau sedih tuer...

suealeen said...

Lady of Leisure:
I’m moving forward but seems like something is missing. Camne tu?

Ye betul.. rasa down pun ada had dia. Sampai satu tahap kita bangkit semula ye dak?

| Krsty Pinky |:
Biasalah, Da.. perihalan orang dewasa.. uhuks :P

Anak² dok belajar je dari orang tua.. huh! Orang tua dia dok bersikap childish plak tu.. :P

Jujurnya.. ada rasa extra happy tapi dalam masa yang sama rasa kehilangan. Oh why!

Alahai.. jangan la memuji daku. Ramai lagi wanita tabah kat luar sana. So you are not alone ok! Kita saling menguatkan ye..

Lady of Leisure said...

something missing..? saya sentiasa doakan kak sue diberikan petunjuk dariNya..

suealeen said...

Lady of Leisure:
InsyaAllah... thanks for the prayer!


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