Sep 13, 2009

Finally, he's diaper free!

Some of our closest relatives and friends have been asking why we didn't potty train Adam earlier as he's going to attend his pre-school next year. Some might give us tips to stop him from wearing the diaper and so on. Our reason was simple 'he's not ready'. Though he's technically 4 years old but he's younger as he was born on late December.

I have seen one of my nieces who was potty trained as early as 2 years old defecated on her mom's bed! From there, I know I must wait for the right time or until he's ready.

At the age of 3 years and 8 months, he finally stopped his diaper since last weekend. I have underestimated his ability to do so as he passes his urine in a large quantity everyday. I thought Mastura was a lot easier when she showed several signs that she didn't want to wear the diaper anymore. Like she dried all the night.

To my surprise, Adam could make it within the 1st 2 days! He didn't hide like most of children do for the first one week when he wanted to pee or defecate. He just asked us or his sister to bring him to the toilet. Indeed, for first few hours it was a bit difficult.

He peed in his pant but the quantity was little, even we couldn't find any drop on the floor. Like he suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing the diaper anymore. There was only one night he suddenly awoke. Seemed like he wanted to tell me something but he was silent. I haven't asked him anything too. The next thing I knew, he peed on the cushion.

Now he doesn't come to us anymore to bring him to the toilet. Instead, he just goes there straight away.

Adam with his new hair cut.

How to Know When to Potty Train a Toddler
By eHow Contributing Writer

Don't push your toddler to potty train until he or she is ready - the age can range from 18 months to 3 years.

Things You'll Need:
Training Pants
Potty Chairs
Hand Soaps


Step 1 - Look for signs of readiness including staying dry for at least 2 hours during the day, asking to wear "big-kid" underwear, having regular bowel movements, or indicating through facial gestures that he or she is about to go potty.

Step 2 - Talk to toddler about using the potty. Choose words to describe body parts, urination and bowel movements, while avoiding words that may be offensive to others or embarrassing to your child.

Step 3 - Show toddler how to use the potty and to wipe and wash hands.

Step 4 - Encourage toddler to tell you when he or she wants to go potty.

Step 5 - Reward your toddler for a job well done.

Tips & Warnings:

1) Have patience - remember, potty training takes time. Give your toddler a lot of love, support and praise.

2) Show appreciation by giving a sticker each time your toddler goes on the big potty.

3) Purchase disposable pull-up trainers or cotton training pants.

4) Don't discourage your toddler from sitting on the potty because of time constraints.

5) Accidents are common - never punish your child for them.

6) Since constipation is common during potty training, give your toddler a balanced, fiber-rich diet.

Source from

Treat each of your children in his/her own way even though between the siblings themselves.


Jiey^Mien said...

Wahhh bestnya..
Tahniah Abg Adam..

Lady of Leisure said...

yeah adam dah besarrrr...

l i e y n said...

good boy adam!!!
i got the same problem with my 3 year-old amir...
still don't want to separate with the diapers..
one big prob is because he doesn't want to talk!

Zuhaini said...

wah.. bila dah diaper free ni, baru terasa macam adam dah besar, kan..? hihi :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent Adam!

kak Bib said...

Dah besar anak makngah ni...balik kali ni nampak sgt dia makin matang...dh mau salam semua org kalau disuruh.

Moga jadi sebaik dan setabah Nabi Adam A.S.

KC said...

congrats to adam! you're a big boy now...

my son sendiri diaper-free when he's 3 and a half yrs old. when kids are ready, they are ready. masa tu nak potty train mmg senang...

kelly910 said...

bravo... adam!!! nest year dah boleh pergi sekolah..

Christina Arissa said...

Cayalah adam.
camtulah..baru macho.. ekekekeke

suealeen said...

Best ke? Petanda anak makin besar tu...

Lady of Leisure:
I always remember my kids when they small. Rindu..

l i e y n:
Good and at the same time a playful boy. Tak per.. sooner or later Amir will talk and diaper free too...

Terasa dia makin besar dan poket bapanya release sket.. hehe...

Thanks.. thinking of you a lot.

kak Bib:
Kecik je nakal, insyaAllah besar makin baik dan insyaAllah makbul doa kak Bib. He just needs extra attention as a middle child. Sebenarnya dia sangat mudah disuruh dan penyayang orangnya.

Betul kak KC. Tak perlu paksa dia orang ni. Kalo tak ready tu, merana mak pak dibuatnya. Diberi arahan pun masih bleh b***k atas tilam walo pun dilatih berbulan-bulan.

Bila kakak dia ke sekolah kekadang dia sebut juga nak ikut sebab dia pernah bersekolah kejap awal tahun ari tu. Kesian mendengarnya..

(I'm really sorry on what happened to your blog.

Christina Arissa:
Tungguhlah sampai saat boymu itu diaper-free. Time tu terasa sangat. Samalah cam bercerai susu. Oh man! Jadi ibu ni seringkali bermain dengan perasaan! Huk³!

asmaliana said...

Hahah, samalah biasanya 3 tahun mmg perlu ajar tak pakai diapers. Sabar mula sebab dia akan terlupa tak pakai diapers ...terlambak saja laa.


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