Sep 12, 2009

Guide for some features in Syafiah's blog

The other week someone (or two) from Penang searched for words 'sensory integration shah alam' and 'sensory integration dysfunction shah alam'. It would land on an entry. I would admit that he won't meet with what he has been looking for, as the link for those keywords is located in the Abbreviation/Medical Terminologies. And for some people, they won't see this if they don't click on the sidebar and they'll leave. So next time if someone reads this, please select on the Abbreviation/Medical Terminologies menu. Why I chose a dropdown menu for the sidebar? It's to make the blog neat and to speed up the loading time.

The links in Abbreviation/Medical Terminologies are as follows:

And as everybody can see, I added a new feature - NetworkedBlogs. This NetworkedBlogs is an extension of Facebook app. The other day, a friend of mine asking me via email on how to follow the blog without creating email accounts as she hasn't any of them. The only email she has perhaps is the office mail and tmnet mail. However, she has a Facebook.

If you're keen to have this feature on your blog, you need to have a Facebook account. Go to this link and follow the steps provided. Perhaps the tricky part is at the verification thing. You need to open 2 windows - one for Facebook and another for blogger. Add the html code in page elements as usual, then re-open the Facebook and verify. At the end, you need to set the feed settings and invite friends on Facebook to follow. Now you can read the entry via the Facebook. Enjoy! *hate that note in Facebook, you see..*

p.s. : No, I don't stalk you via feedjit/ I just want to know who has been reading this blog. So that I can improve the blog's presentation and make it user-friendly. Perhaps we can get to know each other too *wink*. But don't worry, I won't stalk you in reality..


knv said...

selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin.


suealeen said...

Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin jugak kak Non... miss you! xoxo


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